Choosing Between Bantams Or Standard Chickens

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 17 July 2020

If you’re looking for the perfect pet then look no further! They’re small, soft, cute, love a cheeky cuddle, and also provide you with fresh breakfast produce. Wait, what?!

No we’re not talking about a kitten, mouse or puppy. We’re talking about the best pet of all- bantam chickens!

Bantam chickens are more or less a miniature version of particular regular chicken breeds, which is why they get a reputation for being so charming and cute. We humans often have an obsession for pint-sized pretty things, so if you can admit to being one of them, this is just one of the many reasons bantam chickens are for you!


The other reasons? Let us enlighten you…

  1. Being so small has its advantages, especially if you only have limited space in your backyard! While you may not be able to have a dog, or even larger chicken breeds, bantam chickens don’t require a lot of room, so will keep well if backyard space is not on your side.

  2. Bantam chickens generally have a very calm and sweet temperament, which make them an ideal pet for young children. At first they will be timid, but if you spend time with them regularly, you will see that bantam chickens will show love and affection for their owners.

  3. We can guarantee that you will love your bantam chickens so much that you will just have to add to your flock. This won’t be a problem though, as most bantam chickens are naturally broody, and so will happily incubate eggs themselves. So you can have lots of little bantam chickens running around your garden!

  4. Because of their small size bantam chickens require a lot less food than your regular cat or dog, and even standard sized chickens, making them a very economical pet indeed…

  5. Speaking of economical, bantam chickens really do earn their keep, producing lots of lovely little eggs for you! While they may be smaller than regular chicken eggs they are just as delicious and packed full of the same essential nutrients. You won’t see guinea pigs or parakeets proving you with wholesome breakfast produce…

  6. Unlike dogs that will bark at anything that moves at all hours of the night, you will find that most bantam chickens are quiet little animals, only kicking up a fuss when there is danger nearby, or when you bring them out lots of lovely treats of course!

  7. If you are not well versed in the world of bantam chickens, you might be mistaken for thinking they are more regular than regal in the looks department. But if you choose wisely- you can have some funky looking bantam chickens on your hands! Take silkie bantam chickens and frizzles for example- both have quite a prominent and profuse plumage that is sure to be the talk of the town ( much more so than next doors jack russell!).

  8. If you consider yourself quite a green thumb- well you’re in luck! Your lovely flock of bantam chickens will keep your plants flourishing and fabulous with a little help from their poop. Yep, you heard that right- their droppings! Unlike other animals, bantam chickens (and their regular counterparts too), have poop that is a gardeners dream, due to its high levels of nitrogen and potassium. Simply collect your bantam chickens waste where you can and mix it into the compost and watch your plants thrive!

  9. Entertainment value of course! Bantam chickens are inquisitive and fun natured little creatures and will often display some quite boisterous and quirky behaviour in the backyard that will be a joy to watch. Tree branches, stones and plants will be like a makeshift play pen for bantam chickens, so they will be getting just as much joy out of their free-ranging as you are!

  10. If you have young children keeping bantam chickens is a great way to teach them responsibility and how to care for another being. By trusting the little ones to feed and collect the eggs, it will teach them the importance of looking after others, plus they will love having a household job to do that is this fun!

  11. Creepy crawlies love to make themselves at home in most backyards, and will often get under our skin- literally. Luckily bantam chickens love biting bugs more than we do and will happily gobble them up as a treat, keeping our limbs free of nasty bites and angry welts!

  12. Above everything else, bantam chickens pleasant  little personalities are what make them such a perfect pet! They are a delight to have around, and with each having their own unique characteristics, you will never tire of their charming and often crazy quirks!

So if you are looking to add a new animal to your ever expanding brood, we think you should consider bantam chickens- you won’t be disappointed by these pets with personality!

 Another great thing about Bantams is that you can keep more of them in our coops! If you've got a small backyard, the Cluck House can fit 3 bantam chickens (instead of the standard 2), and the Taj Mahal can fit 6-7 bantams (whereas usually it's just 5!).

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