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Last Updated: 01 December 2018

Welsummer chicken and chicks in backyard

The Welsummer is a large active bird, which is known for it’s unique colouring of its eggs. Originating for the small town of Welsum in the eastern Netherlands this chicken breed is easily handled and loves a free-range environment.


  • Class: Netherlands
  • Type: Large Fowl & Bantam
  • Size: Heavy 3-4kg
  • Rarity: Common
  • Purpose: Meat
  • Recognized Varieties: Partridge, Silver Duckwing and the Gold Duckwing


  • Welsummers lay lovely large eggs and the dark brown pigment can actually be rubbed off as it is added at the end of the egg laying sequence
  • Egg Colour: Dark brown
  • Egg Size: Large


  • Comb Type: Single Comb
  • Feathered Legs: No
  • Appearance: Yellow skin and legs

The Welsummer is a large, upright, active bird with a broad back, full breast and large full tail. They head has a single comb, medium wattles, almond shaped ear lobes and a strong, short beak. They have yellow legs, which fade to pale yellow in summer and reddish bay eyes.


  • Hardy in Winter: Yes
  • Especially Docile: Yes
  • Setter/Broody: No
  • Personality: friendly, easily handled birds, which love to free range and forage for food but can also be kept in runs quite happily. They do go broody but not usually until late spring but are not particularly good mothers. Chicks are strong and are easily sexed as females have much darker head and back markings than males.

Family Friendly Rating: 3/5

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