101 Reasons We Love Our Chooks

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Last Updated: 22 July 2020

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s an egg-cellent excuse to start clucking wildly about all the reasons we are eggs-olutely crazy about our chicks! Though 101 reasons may seem like a lot, we quickly discovered that we were only scratching the surface of all the infinite amount of reasons there are to fall head over heels in love with chooks. So, if you’re feeling sentimental, why not have a read of our humble attempt to define all the reasons someone should love their chickens.


  1. Eggs.

  2. EGGS!

  3. And even more eggs!

  4. Their absolutely adorable baby chicks.

  5. They come in all shapes and sizes: bantams or standards- there’s always enough room for chickens in your home.

  6. Chooks are all too willing to help out with your garden. Their poops and love of eating grass enrich your soil with all kinds of chicken goodness.

  7. The way they follow you around when you’re putting clothes on the line.

  8. Chicks love the camera and are always willing to strike a pose. Ever taken a selfie with a chicken? Try it.

  9. Those rare occasions when your chicken blesses you with a delicious double-yolked egg.

  10. The way their gentle “bak-bak-bak” always puts your mind at easy when you wake up and say “hello” to your girls.

  11. Weeds in your garden? This will be thing of the past, once your girls get into them!

  12. They’re a great substitute for your children when they move out of home. They’re cheaper and definitely create less mess.

  13. Some chickens aren’t afraid to put the cat in line and chase them around the yard.

  14. Some breeds are such dedicated mothers and begin to brood on their eggs even if they’re not fertilized. Some people consider this a problem but I see it as a testament to how loving and dedicated they are.

  15. They teach you how to care for the environment around you.

  16. They teach you to only eat as much as you need.

  17. Some chickens, like the Silkie chooks, are zen masters and can teach you everything you need to know about being calm and gentle.

  18. Silkie chickens in general: so cute, so funky, so 2015!

  19. They will teach you where food comes from- an important lesson for youngsters!

  20. You are reducing your carbon footprint- one chicken at a time!

  21. Who can forget the way they come blazing across the yard when there is the prospect of a treat- priceless!

  22. Their loud and proud crows and calls when they have produced a shell of goodness.

  23. They exercise themselves- no need for hour long saddle back rides, or hours of playing fetch.

  24. Watching them dust bathe- so entertaining! What on earth are they trying to achieve?!

  25. The way they get on so famously with little ones is simply endearing!

  26. These little hoovers will gladly make use of those kitchen scraps- so you can forgot flies milling around the bin!

  27. When they attempt to fly- so close, but yet, so far…

  28. Have a old mirror lying around? Place one in the coop, grab the popcorn and let the entertainment begin!

  29. The flurry of excitement that ensues when scraps are thrown out- oh the squeaks and squawks!

  30. Their funky feathers! From frizzles to faverolles- each has a unique plumage that we simply can’t get enough of!

  31. The wonderment of hatching a clutch of eggs- whether it be natural or with an incubator, there is nothing quite like those 21 days!

  32. HATCHING DAY! Seeing your babies peck and poke their way out of their shell to catch their first glimpse of the big, wide world- nothing compares.

  33. The sense of mystery they create about themselves. Why on Earth would they perch on the top of their coop during torrential rain?

  34. The way they gracefully peck at the ground when they’ve found something to eat.

  35. Thier funny little feet.

  36. The fact that they never give you weird looks if you want to do the chicken dance in the garden.

  37. They aren’t ashamed of their mistakes. You’ll never see a chicken looking bothered if one of their eggshells are malformed- they just pick themselves up and keep on walking.

  38. The hilarious politics of the pecking order! These girls can be worse than real politicians with their squabbling.

  39. The mighty morning call of a rooster!

  40. You’ve got to admire them for absolutely loving their routine- we all could learn a lot from these committed chooks.

  41. All things considered hens are pretty low-maintenance, which is handy when you’re up against, but when you’ve got the free time it’s so easy to shower your love and attention on these feathered friends.

  42. Once you get chickens you realise you spend so much more time outdoors soaking up the sun and breathing in that crisp fresh air. Don’t be surprised if you get a certain glow about you after keeping chickens.

  43. You’re never short of things to talk about when you have chickens. When guests come over you can easily gasbag about the quirks of your girls for at least fifteen minutes.

  44. Their intelligence and sociability.

  45. Visiting first thing in the morning and seeing their eager little faces.

  46. Hearing them belt out the Egg Song.

  47. Collecting their eggs.

  48. Watching how egg-cited they get when you offer them their favourite treats.

  49. Their individual clucks and coos.

  50. Those very vociferous hens who act as though they are the spokes-chicken of the flock.

  51. How they peck at morsels of feed and treats that land on a siblings feathery back.

  52. Their cautious curiosity at something new.

  53. Their general curiosity.

  54. How they each have unique personalities.

  55. Watching BFF's wandering around together during free range time.

  56. Watching their feathery football games when a particular hen has spied something worthy of pecking during free range time and the chase begins, complete with fumbles and interceptions!

  57. How their beautiful colors shine in the sunlight.

  58. Watching their awkward attempts at flight, squawking all the way.

  59. Watching them flop around in the dirt while dust bathing.

  60. Their amazing ability to learn.

  61. Having them eat out of your hand...Always a treat - maybe more for the feeder than the feedee.

  62. Picnicking with your flock in the summertime- apples for them, apples for you!

  63. Watching them run around in the backyard in an attempt to catch flying insects as they leap into the air again and again.

  64. Seeing them watch the surrounding wildlife pass them by as they sit in their run looking quite puzzled as if wondering, "Why are we penned up in here and they can wander freely about?"

  65. Watching them instinctively wander inside their coop at sundown each night in the summer.

  66. Sitting outside after dinner in the nice weather and just observing and interacting with the flock as they roam around the backyard.

  67. Having them follow you around the yard as if you’re their Mother Hen.

  68. Actually seeing a hen lay an egg!! Very EGG-citing!

  69. Seeing them with clumps of oatmeal on their beaks when it’s served up during cold winter mornings! Oh so funny!

  70. Their strong work ethic when helping to turn under the garden soil in spring.

  71. Watching them slurp up leftover spaghetti!

  72. Seeing that first feather on baby chicks.

  73. Baby chick peeps all day long.

  74. Watching the transition from chick to adolescent. This phase of development is sometimes referred to as "The Dinosaur Phase" because they no longer look like chicks and yet they aren't fully feathered adults. They just look so awkward and it's just soooo endearing!

  75. Watching them attempt to squeeze into the same nesting box area because it's a favorite.

  76. Watching young newly feathered chicks on their first field trip as they egg-splore the soft green grass for the first time.

  77. Giving them overly regal names, like Cordelia, Ophelia, Vivienne and Elizabeth.

  78. Always wondering if they actually recognise their name or if they just come towards you because you’re there.

  79. Watching them try to play with your other pets and everyone just getting really confused.

  80. Making up unique human voices for each of the chickens in your flock.

  81. Imaging what your chickens would talk about if they were in a TV soap.

  82. On very special occasions, taking the chickens inside where it’s air conditioned and watching a couple of chick-flicks with them.

  83. Engaging in philosophical debates with your chickens in the backyard. Tip in case you are unsure how to do this: everytime they go “bak-bak-bak” assume they are asking “why?” or “how does that make you feel?”

  84. Only for a split second- thinking about eating the especially meaty ones but then quickly realising you love them too much.

  85. The way they sometimes stay perfectly still when you give them a big cuddle.

  86. That awkward and magical moment when you first hold a chicken - it’s like holding a small bag of potatoes.

  87. Those brief moments of chicken panic during a storm or other extreme weather event - “OH DEAR LORD! Are the chickens alright?!”

  88. Those mysterious Mona Lisa like eyes.

  89. The way some chickens are genetically committed to looking oh so sassy, like the Appenzeller Spitzhauben, Silkies and Ayam Cemani. These girls understand style.

  90. Hearing about your friends chickens and wondering if you can get them together to have a play date.

  91. Arranging a play date and soon realising that it was a terrible idea - these girls are not going to learn to get along in a hurry.

  92. The fact that having many different breeds of chickens in one flock is no problem! Chooks have no trouble with diversity.

  93. The fact that chickens always seem excited to see you, even if that’s just because you’ve got some feed in your hands.

  94. If you have lots of crumbs in your car you can just put a couple of chickens in there and they’ll eat it all up. Watch out for their droppings though...

  95. When they all start clucking together and it sounds like some kind of wonderful modern opera.

  96. They teach you about simplicity and being content with what you have.

  97. The way they all react with each other. If one chicken spots danger and scurries away they all will follow suit.

  98. Those troubling times when one of your chickens gets out of the coop and you spend hours chasing after them. What they’re really doing is showing you that you just need to relax and have some fun, or that you simply need to do more exercise. It’s never an accident- they always have an agenda for you.

  99. They are a genuine source of inspiration. So many Dutch painters have explored all the nuances of the chicken form.

  100. They love to snoop around your house when you’re not looking...

  101. The places they take you. Just place one of your chickens down and follow it around. Just wait and see all the places it will lead you.

So, there we have it! 101 reasons we are absolutely crazy in love with our chickens. It’s not possible to list every single reason these creatures are so lovable, but we think we gave it a fair crack! Did we miss one of the reasons you love your chickens? Why not share this with a friend and discuss- we would love to hear your responses!

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