5 Reasons To Love Araucana Chickens

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 01 September 2020

Araucanas are eye-catching chickens that always leave an impression in or outside the coop. These uniquely feathered blue egg laying beauties sure know how to stand out in a world cluck-full of all kinds of pretty poultry.

Interestingly, Araucanas are also known in the UK, Europe and Australia as Ameraucana chickens whereas in the US they are known as a different breed and a close relative to the Araucanas. 

Ameraucanas were accepted by the American Poultry Association in 1984 and its bantam version was accepted in 1979.  

From their energetic personalities to their distinctive featherings, there is simply nothing ordinary about Araucana chickens - these girls were made to stand out! Stick your beak into the five reasons we absolutely love these outstanding athletic Araucana chickens.


Active Backyard Adventurers

Active, boisterous and naturally curious Araucana chickens are born free-rangers who love to explore their backyard. Though some Araucana chickens can tolerate confinement most prefer to throw caution to the wind and flap their wings in the great outdoors.  If you’re a chicken lover who lives on a farm or acreage Araucanas will make an eggcellent addition to your flock. These adventurous ladies like to graze upon the plentiful bounty of treats that can be discovered all across nature’s buffet - grubs, insects, worms and other wiggly wonders, Araucana chickens can find a menu full of tasty treats in the natural world. So, if you’ve been daydreaming about keeping these active avian athletes than make sure you have plenty of space to accommodate their far reaching curious minds and bodies.

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Mind Expanding Blue Eggs

Blue eggs! That’s right, Araucana chickens do indeed lay psychedelic blue eggs. These colourful girls are avant garde artists when it comes to egg laying. Though some varieties of Araucana chickens can lay eggs that range from blue, to bluegreen, to more of an olive colour, at the end of the day these birds are sure to produce an interesting coloured egg sensation. Typically, Araucana chickens only lay during the warmer summer and spring months however they are often quick to return to work after their winter breaks. On average Araucana chickens lay between 150 to 180 strikingly vibrant eggs per year. Some people believe that blue Araucana eggs actually contain less cholesterol however this has been debunked by scientists for many years. Nevertheless, their tasty and lively eggs will always leave a lasting impression.

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Always Mature for their Age

One of the most interesting quirks about Araucana chickens is that their chicks, once hatched, grow into mature chooks faster than other breeds of chickens. Baby Araucana chicks will begin to grow mature feathers faster than other breeds like Orpingtons, ISA Browns and Rhode Island Reds.  Due to the tuft gene the successful hatch rate of baby chicks is sadly quite low however once they are born their speedy maturation keeps them in good stead. So, definitely keep these trustworthy birds in mind if you need a mature old soul to join your flock.

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Ameraucana Chicken

A Chicken That is a People Person

Araucana / Ameraucana chickens are amazingly amiable when it comes to being kissed, cuddled and doted upon by their chook mad owners. These unique chooks are exceptionally friendly when it comes to handsy Chicken Ladies and Lads who like to get up close and personal with their girls. Araucana chickens are energetic yet friendly by nature making them perfect for families that need a lively pet that can keep up with their young kids. Just open up the chicken coop and watch your flock and little ones graze together across the rolling acres of your property. Be warned though, Araucana chickens prefer spacious backyards and their spirits can’t always be contained to a suburban backyard where they may become restless or depressed.

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Tough Birds Once they Come Out of their Shells

Hatching baby Araucana chicks can be a little troublesome due to the tuft gene that sadly results in a high mortality rate. That’s why Araucana chickens are normally only available through breeders as opposed to hatcheries, as the distress caused from unsuccessfully hatching these beautiful birds can become overwhelming. Though this breed type is considered ‘rare’ that doesn’t mean these girls are delicate. Once Araucanas chickens are hatched and fully grown these girls are as tough as nails. Araucana chickens can endure cold winters and hot summers with relative ease. They are athletic and confident birds that love to have a sticky beak and explore nature.

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From their blue eggs to their active yet amiable personalities, Araucana chickens are definitely a breed of chook you won’t forget in a hurry. Distinctive, original and quirky these unique wonder chooks will make the perfect addition to any flock that has a large backyard to flap around in. Chickens with personality need a coop with character, that’s why every aspiring chook owner needs to have a sticky beak at our terrific Taj Mahal, perfect Penthouse and marvelous Mansion - all of which will make the perfect home for any breed of chicken.

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