5 Reasons To Love Your Naked Neck Chickens

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Last Updated: 15 July 2020

Most Chicken Ladies will never forget the first time they their lay eyes upon a distinctive, quirky and downright bizarre naked neck chicken. When animal lovers first see a naked neck chicken most, without meaning to cause offence, say, “what’s wrong with that chicken?” Yes, these girls sure look peculiar, but it’s the way nature made them. Originating from Transylvania, naked neck chickens are famous for having featherless necks, which sort of make them look like turkeys. There has been some rabble that naked necks are in fact a cross between a turkey and a chicken, however this conspiracy theory has long since been debunked by scientists. Naked neck chickens are undeniably different on their own terms, like Cyndi Lauper or Freddy Mercury, which only makes this exceptional breed all the more loveable.

Naked neck chicken in backyard

1. A Bare Necked Chicken For All Seasons

Strange though it may seem naked neck chooks are in fact exceptionally hardy. Many people think that these thinly feathered birds are either moulting or diseased but in fact this breed can weather tough Australian summers and freezing European winters. The naked neck chickens’ resilience makes it one of the best birds to keep in the Australian outback because this breed can withstand anything from harsh drought-plagued summers and blustery winter nights. Now, it’s important to note that although naked neck chickens can weather cold climates, they still need a little help from their loving owners. Ensuring that your chickens have a warm, low-humidity, draft-free coop is vital for any flock, especially if you are caring for these naked neck cuties. Stick your beak into this handy guide for keeping your ladies warm all winter here.

2. They Have Things Other Than Motherhood on Their Minds

Not all chickens have motherhood on their mind and the naked neck variety is a perfect testament to that. These ladies rarely go broody as they’d much prefer to be grazing in the backyard, chowing down on chicken feed or playing with their other feathery friends. They’ve got no time to be sitting on eggs day in and day out. In many ways the naked neck chickens are the Carrie and Samantha from Sex and the City of the chicken world. Broodiness is common among many breeds, like orpingtons and silkies, which love to warm anybody’s eggs with their fluffy, feathery chicken bottoms, however naked necks couldn’t care less. Even though naked neck chickens may not necessarily make the best mothers to unborn chicks they are friendly, loving, heartwarming birds that you’ll adore.

3. Reliable Layers for those Who Only Occasionally Eat Omelettes

Many chicken lovers actually don’t always feel the same way about eggs. That’s not to say that some people dislike eggs, but some people just don’t need an abundance of eggs all the time, because, let’s be honest, how often do you eat an omelette? Naked neck chickens lay a reasonable 120-150 eggs per year, which works out to be almost one fried, scrambled or poached egg every two to three days for breakfast, alongside some bacon, cereal or whatever else you like to eat while you wake up. If all this talk of breakfast has got you craving eggs, make sure you stick your beak into our egg recipe page here.

Naked neck chicken flock

4. Flightless Birds Make Perfect Backyard Pets

Chicken lovers have been trying to find different ways to keep their flock safe and sound, despite their natural inclination to flip, flap and fly all over the place. However, you’ll never need to worry with naked neck chickens because these winged beauties have real trouble flying! “That’s so sad” I hear some of you say, but the truth is their are plenty of spunky flightless birds. Emus, ostriches, penguins,  are just some of the feathered, partially feathered or featherless birds that don’t need to fly to let their spirits soar! Naked neck chickens make easy to manage free-range chickens and for that reason they suit will any backyard. For more information about free-ranging your chickens, just click here.

5. Something To Always Have a Cluck About

Anyone who cares for naked neck chickens will never be short of a conversation starter when they have guests over. Just sit on the deck with a cup of tea in hand and have a cluck about all the chickens free-ranging in the backyard. “Oh my! Your chicken sure looks… different”, your friends might say. “I know! But they are awfully popular in France”, which is true believe it or not! “Did I tell you they originally come from Transylvania?”. “Really”, they might reply, “how spooky”. Before you know it the sun will have set and your delightfully original naked neck chickens will have made their way back to the coop for a nice nights rest.

You need to be tough if you’re going to be different and naked neck chickens are the perfect example of this. Even though they have fewer feathers than any other chicken breed and despite the fact they look like they are in a permanent state of undress, they are still able to exist comfortably in almost any climate and lay over 120 eggs per year! Beauty is only skin deep and naked neck chickens prove this time and time again. Naked neck chickens have so much personality and they deserve a coop with character, like the Taj Mahal, Penthouse or Mansion. If you get some naked chickens make sure you paint your coop in some quirky colours so they feel right at home.

Before buying a cosy coop, continue to consider other unique, lovable breeds for your flock. It can be eggtremely confusing and difficult to find the best match for you and your family – so where should you begin?

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