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Last Updated: 24 August 2014

Here at Backyard Chicken Coops, we pride ourselves on our product - our wonderful chicken coops for sale! We’ve worked hard to bring Australia the best possible chicken coops for sale for your flock - ensuring that every feature and element is designed to keep them healthy and happy. Not to mention ensuring that their lives are stress-free, so they lay lots of delicious eggs every single day!

Here’s a bit of an overview about all of our chicken coops for sale, what makes them perfect for your backyard and the differences between each model.

The Taj Mahal

taj mahal chicken coop for sale

The Taj Mahal is one of our chicken coops for sale perfect for a smaller urban backyard flock. It houses 2-5 hens comfortably, and has all the comforts and facilities that your chickens could ever want!

We’ve designed this coop to be both sturdy and hardy, but also easily maneuverable - which is why it comes with wheels pre-attached. All of our chicken coops for sale are ‘chicken tractors’, which is basically the term given to coops that can be moved around.

Having a chicken tractor can have many benefits for both your flock- and your garden if you’re a bit of a green thumb!  By moving one of our chicken coops for sale around, you give your chickens the opportunity to peck at fresh grass full of bugs, insects and grit- yum! Your grass will also reap the benefits of the move - as your chickens will fertilise new patches of grass, keeping the lawn looking extra healthy.

The Taj Mahal has ample nesting boxes and perch room for your flock- this is to ensure they get a good night’s rest, and have somewhere private to lay those delicious eggs. It’s essential that they have these two things, otherwise you will have some stressed chicks who aren’t laying on your hands- eep!

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If you’re thinking of getting a few more chickens, or having larger sized chicken breeds, and aren’t sure if the Taj Mahal will be spacious enough, maybe you should look at…

The Penthouse

penthouse chicken coop for sale

The Penthouse is one of our most popular chicken coops for sale, and is the perfect choice for chicken keepers who work long hours, or are away from the house often. It has a large enclosed run, which means the chickens can get ample access to fresh grass for foraging, dirt in which to dust bathe and room to stretch their wings, without you having to supervise and keep a watchful eye for predators.

This is also one of our most popular chicken coops for sale as its the perfect size for urban backyard flocks. It fits 2-10 hens comfortably, and has lots of room for them to nest, roost and go about their daily chicken business!

The Penthouse can also be used as a chicken tractor if you so desire. Just lift it up using the handles, pick your prime patch of backyard and away you go!

The Penthouse really is one of the best chicken coops for sale for urban backyards - it gives your small flock ample space to enjoy life, slots into your backyard space easily and looks very impressive!

If you’re looking at getting a larger flock, or would just like to give your girls the creme de la creme of chicken coops, why don’t you try...

The Mansion Coop and Chicken Run

mansion chicken coop for sale with chicken run

The Mansion coop and Mansion Chicken Run is one of our chicken coops for sale that lets your flock live luxuriously - for a fraction of the price the lifestyle normally costs. Lucky chickens!

If you’re after a very spacious coop that looks incredible as a garden feature, then The Mansion is sure to have your neighbours seething with jealousy. We’ve even had reports from our Mansion customers that their neighbours take their visitors onto their deck, to show them one of our chicken coops for sale because it’s just so impressive!

Don’t be intimidated by its height - The Mansion is incredibly easy to clean. It has removable cleaning trays so you can easily dispose of droppings (maybe you can make a rich compost for your garden!), and it even has a human sized door, so you can walk right into the coop and do whatever you need to do.

If you have a larger flock and need to leave them alone for extended periods of time, you can also purchase the Mansion Run - which will give your flock all the room they need to stretch their wings and free range to their hearts content.

All of our chicken coops for sale are designed specifically to keep predators at bay - they are fitted with the strongest, galvanised wire mesh designed to withstand the chomps and claws of those trying to get at your flock.  We try and make them as predator proof as possible, so you won’t find anything safer for your darling girls - but putting any of the chicken coops for sale we have on a concrete block adds one more layer of protection.

chicken coop accessory poultry fencing

We don’t just have chicken coops for sale - we also sell a range of poultry products that are designed to make your life easier and fit the coop perfectly. Sick of waking up early on a Sunday morning to let the girls out? Why not try one of our Auto Door Openers. Just pop it on one of our chicken coops, set the time and enjoy some extra zzz’s while the door automatically opens to let your flock free range! Also, make sure you have a plan for your girls during those hot Australia summers. Insulation roof panels and shade mesh is the perfect way to protect your girls from extreme heat and UV rays during those harsher summer months. Protect your gardens from grazing girls with our Poultry Fencing.

At Backyard Chicken Coops, we pride ourselves on bringing the highest quality product to Australian poultry enthusiasts. We design and engineer each element to ensure that all of our chicken coops for sale directly meet every need that you and your flock could have. Plus, we’ve taken egg-stra care to make every one of our chicken coops for sale are stylish and aesthetically pleasing - it will be in full view of the backyard after all! Your chickens will love it, you’ll love it, even your neighbours will love it!

So if you’re looking for the perfect house for your chickens, try one of our many specially designed chicken coops for sale - crafted and sold with love and care by Australian poultry enthusiasts.

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