How To Choose The Perfect Chicken Coop

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 22 October 2014

Silkie chicken in mansion backyard chicken coop

The perfect chicken house is sooo much more than just a well- made structure! As backyard chicken keepers, we strive to create just the right kind of feel for our beloved chook’s home! We want our chicken house to feel like a Coop Sweet Coop, where our favourite feathered friends can feel comfortable, roam about freely, roost and nest to their heart’s content, thriving, growing and laying LOTS of egg-cellent eggs.

Here at Backyard Chicken Coops, we aim to please when it comes to designing and selling just the right chicken house for your chooks. Because we get up close and personal with our own chooks, listening to their chatter, watching their wonderful ways, and tending to their daily needs and wants, we are able to take those observations and incorporate them into the finest chicken house in all of Australia. Your only job is to choose which one or ones! Perhaps you want to have a main chicken house and a secondary chicken house for those newly adopted youngens to grow into their feathers a bit more before integrating them into your older flock. Certainly sounds like a plan to me!

So, what makes a perfect chicken house anyway? Two factors come into play when considering what makes a perfect house for your chickens-the ease of the purchasing process and the practicality of the house once home.

The Purchasing Process

• Knowledgeable sales persons: The folks here at Backyard Chicken Coops know chickens! We have them, we house them, we tend them, and we love, love, love them, so we do know quite a LOT about these critters called chickens. And, we are at your service to help you choose just the right chicken house to fit your flock and backyard.

• Affordable pricing: Affordability is important to you so it’s important to us-we strive to give you the utmost for your dollar! Plus we deliver Australia wide at low cost! Be sure to check out our special sales when we offer FREE delivery right to your door!

• Well-made: Each Backyard Chicken Coops’ chicken house is made from thick top quality A-grade timber!

• Egg-cellent customer support: Backyard Chicken Coops is available via phone or 24/7 through our website and Learning Centre to help you with any possible questions or issues you may have either with your purchase or with chicken keeping.

The Practicality

• Oodles of egg-cellent features and egg-stras: removable roosts, removable cleaning trays on the floor of the coop, as well as, in the nesting boxes, internal locks, outside nesting box access, cool chimney ventilation, sliding windows, a mobility kit, an automatic door opener, an additional separate run, and terrific timber protection oil to make your chicken house stand even stronger against Australia’s unpredictable weather.

• Ease of assembly: ALL parts are well labeled! Applause, applause please!

• Easy to clean: Egg-ceptionally easy to clean!

• Egg-straordinarily predator proof: As chicken keepers ourselves, we make it our business to create a chicken house that keeps out ALL predators, large and small-even the slithery type who attempt to attack from down under! Our 10mm x10mm galvanized wire mesh ensures that any attempts to enter will be immediately thwarted! Sleep well, feathered friends!

So, you see, Backyard Chicken Coops is the place to shop for the perfect chicken house! Shopping aside though, let’s take a moment to talk about personality. Personality is everything, right? Creativity is key to making your chicken house an egg-straordinary Coop Sweet Coop! Your family’s unique style and personality can transform a simple chicken coop into the chicken house of all chicken houses! Let it be a main feature of your backyard-give it it’s own personality by adding a splash of color or colors-from classic to funky to patriotic with a vivid combination of green and gold!

Now for the finishing touches that will make your chicken house the piece de resistance, the fantastic focal point of your entire backyard-check out our Learning Centre for ideas on how to incorporate hen friendly herbs and flowering plants in and around your coop for your gals to peck at at their leisure. Pretty, colorful, and nutrient rich, these flowers and herbs will be sure to spice up the overall aesthetic quality of their coop, as well as, supplement their diet, lure nutritious bugs and insects near, and aid in the prevention of disease. The larger the shrub the greater the shade factor too! Pretty and practical, shrubs and trees offer your sweet girls comfort on warmer days, but be wary too, as you may find that your sweet girls view shrubs as the perfect place to nest and if you look up, don’t be surprised to find some happily roosting chooks!

So, here’s to creating the perfect chicken house...Cluck cluck hooray!

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