Why We're The Best Chicken Coops in Brisbane

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 08 September 2014

Backyard Chicken Coops have been selling quality coops to the good people of Brisbane and Australia for a number of years - and we certainly don’t plan to stop for a long while yet!

But what egg-sactly makes our products the best chicken coop in Brisbane? Well, here’s why!

1. We’ve designed the coops ourselves, and have tested them out on our own flock

Every single one of the chicken coops in Brisbane we sell, we designed from scratch ourselves. Because we are poultry enthusiasts ourselves, we know what chickens need in order to be comfortable and have all their needs met.

2. We use quality materials to build our coops

We know that when our customers buy our chicken coops in Brisbane, they aren’t buying them as a temporary solution, or to have them break a year into their use! That’s why all our coops are built to last using A-grade timber. Timber is the best material to make a chicken coop out of for a number of great reasons:

  • It’s the best material for good ventilation. Timber will keep the coop warm in winter, and cool in summer. Plus, we’ve designed our coops to be completely draft-free, so your chicks don’t catch a sickly chill!

  • It’s very pleasing to the eye, and is perfect for the ‘rustic’ look we know many of our customers love!

  • When oiled with the timber protection or painted, the coop is guaranteed to last the distance, and will be keeping your backyard flock happy for years to come!

a flat packed backyard chicken coop is easy to assemble with an electric screwdriver  

3. It’s easy as pie to assemble.

We know assembling flat packs can have one tearing their hair out in frustration. We’ve been through the trauma too many times to ourselves to count! That’s why we’ve designed our coops to be as easy to assemble as possible. All you need is a phillips head screwdriver and a set of hands to use! Assembly time is around one hour - not bad for the masterpiece that results!

4. We’ve included everything a chicken needs to stay comfortable and healthy

The proud owners of our chicken coops in Brisbane can rest easy knowing their chickens’ environment provides them with the space to nest, roost and access fresh grass.

In order to stay healthy (and to keep laying fresh eggs everyday!) there are a few things that chickens need in their coop. These are:

  • Nesting boxes: The hens need a private, cosy and comfy space to lay their delicious eggs - hence why nesting boxes are a necessity! If your hens don’t have nesting boxes or a safe place to lay, they will become incredibly stressed, and it will be extremely unpleasant for them!

  • Perches: Chickens need perches to roost on, otherwise they simply can’t get a good night’s sleep! Also, having the right amount of perch length is important to their comfort. Chickens like to huddle and be cosy - but they can’t be falling off the perch because they’re super squished! We’ve calculated the right amount of perch room as per the recommended number of chickens for each coop we put on our website - so they will definitely have enough room for their night’s rest.

  • Removeable cleaning trays: Cleaning the chicken coop shouldn’t be a strenuous, time consuming activity. That’s why we have installed removable cleaning trays, which will catch the droppings and waste and allow you to easy wash off. Much easier than

a good chicken coop is made of timber, with perches for roosting at an appropriate height

Having the right coop facilities is crucial to keeping your flock healthy, happy and laying productively!  We have taken all the needs a chicken has into account, and have designed our coops specifically to meet them.

5. You can decorate and paint it to your hearts content.

We love the timber look of the coop - but that doesn’t mean you have to keep it that way! Our chicken coops in Brisbane can be easily painted any colour that you desire. In fact, painting the coop will help seal the coop’s longevity - as it protects the material from becoming weathered. Of course, if you do love the timber look, a slick of timber protection oil will have it standing strong for years to come.

Many of our customers favour a crisp white coat on their chicken coops in Brisbane, which certainly makes it stand out amongst the greenery of backyard. Navy blue has also proved to be  popular, especially when mixed with white - it really adds a touch of sophistication and personality to your wonderful coop.

Our customers often buy our chicken coops in Brisbane not just because they make incredible homes for their flock, but because they like the aesthetic value they bring to the backyard. Because you can customize and decorate our coops once they’ve arrived at your doorstep, you can make them any style you like! Rustic chic, classic American...the choice is yours!

Many of our customers with their chicken coops in Brisbane have done an incredible job painting their chicken houses - here are some prime examples of their artistry.

4. We have amazing testimonials from our customers

Don’t just take our word for it - our customers absolutely love our chicken coops in Brisbane. We always try and get a testimonial from as many of our loyal customers as possible, so we know where to improve, and to make sure we’re doing our best to please!

backyard chicken coops look can be painted to match your home or garden

Here’s some chicken chatter from our loyal customers about why they love our chicken coops in Brisbane.

“Sensational design! It looks fantastic and is perfect for me to easily move around my backyard, thank you!”

“I have had chickens all my life and there is no better coop, it’s the perfect size and has all the features you could ever want!!”

“I’m so happy with my penthouse chicken coop, thankyou so much! Highly recommend this company – very professional and an excellent product. It was MUCH easier to assemble than I first thought!”

We work hard to bring poultry enthusiasts the best chicken coops in Brisbane, because we know how much easier it makes keeping chickens!

Take a look at our coop range - the Taj Mahal, Penthouse and Mansion. Also, if you have one of our coops and have gotten creative with your painting, please send us photos! We love to see them and share with our fellow poultry enthusiasts.

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