Are Brown Eggs Healthier For You Than White Eggs?

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 29 October 2014

It’s a long touted myth than brown coloured eggs are in fact healthier than white coloured eggs. We’re not sure how this one got started, but the saying goes that brown eggs contain a higher amount of nutrients than those by its white counterparts.

The answer to this question is no - the only difference between them is the colour of the shell, and in some cases the price of the eggs. That’s no yolk!


What are the eggs made of?

Both brown and white eggs are made up of the same parts - B vitamins, minerals (phosphorus, choline and more), fat, cholesterol and protein. There’s no difference between the two coloured eggs!

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Why are brown eggs more expensive, if they’re egg-sactly the same as white eggs?

It all comes down to the hens that laid the eggs. Generally, hens that lay brown eggs are large brown hens - who consume more feed than the smaller, white hens that lay white eggs. Therefore, the brown hens are more expensive to take care of, so their eggs are slightly dearer to buy.

So, whether its brown or white - the egg will be just as good for you and delicious either way.

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