Celebrity Chefs At The Good Food and Wine Show

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 24 September 2014

At Backyard Chicken Coops, we looove our food (egg-related or non-egg related!). Which is why we’re so excited to be a stallholder at the upcoming Good Food and Wine Show in Brisbane!  Here are some of the people we’re especially egg-cited to see.

 1. Matt Moran

Owner of the popular Brisbane restaurant ARIA, Matt Moran is one of the most well known celebrity chefs in Australia. He loves to cook with local fresh produce - something that us egg-addicts love to do as well! He loves eggs so much, he actually wrote an article about it in the Daily Telegraph - here’s a snippet:

“EGGS are one of my go-to ingredients — their versatility is indispensable in the kitchen. If you have a dozen on hand you have the makings of all manner of dishes.They can act as invisible building blocks, binding sauces, enriching pastries and cakes, setting custards, or take centre stage in their own right”

Signature egg dish: Mushroom Omelette

matt moran combines eggs with mushrooms to make a delicious protein packed omelette

2. Adriano Zumbo

Adriano Zumbo is the undisputed KING of desserts! He is incredibly well known for his marvellous dessert creations, including Zumbarons, Zonuts, and the astounding V8 cake!

We were lucky enough to get a snap with Zumbo at the Sydney Good Food and Wine Show (but we’re still incredibly excited to see him again!)

Signature egg dish: Adriano Zumbo’s Easter Eggs (not made of eggs as such, but still delicious!)

3. Anna Gare

Anna Gare has been cooking since she was very young, and now owns one of the most successful catering companies in perth - Deluxe Catering. She’s also appeared on many cooking shows - Masterchef Junior, The Best in Australia and also has her own segment in the show Perth at Five. She loves to cook a wide range of cuisines and styles, and we can’t wait to see what she serves up!

 Signature egg dish: Egg and Bacon Pies

4. Matt Stone

Matt Stone is another chef dominating the Perth culinary scene. He’s passionate about working with “fresh, sustainable, locally-sourced whole-foods” - something that we love! He became head chef at Greenhouse Perth by 22 years old - imagine what he’ll be cooking in 20 years time.

Signature egg dish: Chorizo, Fried Bread and Poached Egg

5. Maggie Beer

Maggie Beer is like the mother hen of the Australian cooking industry - her food is always high quality and made with love! She now writes and has appeared on countless cooking shows such as The Cook and the Chef and Masterchef. Her love of wholesome cooking has made her a household name!

Signature egg dish: Maggie’s Scrambled Eggs

maggie beer's scrambled eggs are simple but scrumptious

Our mouth is watering already! So if you want to see some egg-cellent food and also want to see our amazing chicken coops on display, come check out our stall.

The Good Food and Wine Show is on the 17th-19th of October at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

Remember, eggs are better when they are free range, especially if they are from your own backyard! So if you don't already have a couple chickens, now is the time to get cracking (pun intended). Have a read here about Keeping Pet Chickens and