Chickens 101: The Benefits of Keeping Chickens

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Last Updated: 01 December 2018

Keeping chickens is rewarding for so many reasons - its not all about the eggs you know! Anyone who’s new to the backyard chicken scene or thinking about joining in on the fun may not realise that they’re also great for gardens, as family pets, and more!

Here are some of the amazing benefits that backyard chicken keepers worldwide are enjoying!

Baby chicken eating grub pest in backyard

1. Au Naturale Pest Control

Flies, mosquitos, insects, bugs - to a chicken that spells DINNER TIME! Chickens absolutely love to devour all the backyard pests that can wreak havoc on the hard work of gardeners. It’s a win win - your chickens stay well fed, and your plants keep growing as nature intended!

For more information on the benefits your flock brings to the garden environment, check out our How Chickens and Gardens Can Co-Exist Peacefully article.

2. Fresh Eggs

Hands up who doesn’t like fresh eggs for breakfast. Nobody? That’s what we thought! We had to mention eggs at some point - it is an amazing perk after all!

Fresh eggs produced by well nourished, free ranging hens are so much better than their store-bought counterparts. Not only do you get the satisfaction and egg-citement of collecting them every morning, but nutritionally they are better for your health! They have more Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega-3, Beta Carotene and less saturated fat...the list of goodness goes on!  Plus, by using the fresh eggs from your backyard chickens instead of buying them from the shop, you're not contributing to the factory farming industry. Chickens are often subjected to cruel conditions to produce eggs - so you can enjoy your fresh ones knowing that the chickens were able to lay them comfortably and naturally.

3. The Best Compost Your Gardens Could Ask For

Chicken litter may not sound appealing to you - but to your plants, it’s heaven! All green thumbs know the value of good compost to a garden - and one of the best things you can use as fertiliser is compost with chicken litter incorporated into the mix.  You can even just throw the whole coop bedding into the compost when you need to change it over - easy disposal that turns waste into fertilising gold! Our Chicken Litter Compost vs. Synthetic Fertilizer article goes into more detail about how to incorporate it into your compost, and the benefits of making it naturally over using store bought synthetics.

Chicken in rose bush garden in backyard

4. Friends for life!

Many chicken keepers love to tend to their flock - not just for the tasty fresh eggs they produce, but for the company they provide. Most domestic chicken breeds form a real bond with their owners and vice versa - running up to greet them in the morning, jumping on their owners laps for cuddles and pottering around the garden whilst you’re doing your gardening. If you’re looking for an amazing pet that’s sure to become part of the family, check out our Best Chicken Breeds For Families article.

The benefits of keeping chickens stretch far beyond simply having fresh eggs everyday - although that is a great perk! If you’re thinking of getting chickens, keep in mind that they can actively contribute to the health of your garden, make great pets for your children AND keep pests at bay!

The best way to ensure your chickens live happy, healthy and stress free - so you continue to reap the rewards of these benefits, is to give them the perfect coop to live in! There are lots of things chickens need to stay comfortable - nesting boxes, perches, ventilation and more! All of our coops are designed for safety, security and to cater to your flock’s needs.

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