Chickens For Sale: Our Top 10 Breeds!

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Last Updated: 18 July 2020


Perusing “Chickens for Sale” ads and websites can seem a bit overwhelming, what with oodles and oodles of egg-cellent breeds available. So, let’s make the process easier! Backyard Chicken Coops has compiled a great list of the top 10 chicken breeds that will suit your family whether you’re new to this whole chicken keeping adventure or a long time veteran looking to add some new feathered friends to your egg-sisting flock.

Searching for Chickens for Sale? These breeds ROCK!

The Barred Plymouth Rock:

This breed should definitely be number 1 in all “chickens for sale” ads/websites as it is just a wonderful dual purpose breed. These are sweet birds with a docile temperament.

Egg Production: Very Good -approximately 200 light brown eggs per year.

• The Rhode Island Red:

Another dual purpose winner and robust layer, this lovely chestnut colored chicken will wow you when you gather eggs each day! When searching for chickens for sale, be sure to look for these calm quiet birds.

Egg Production: Excellent-approximately 200-250 medium brown eggs per year.

• The Australorp:

This magnificent breed, with its striking black and shimmery green feathering, will add great beauty to your flock. Developed in Australia, these chooks are one of the most gentle and friendly breeds.

Egg Production: Excellent- approximately 250 medium brown eggs per year.

• The ISA Brown:

Any chickens for sale ad worth its salt will include these awesome chooks. Friendly, sociable, and egg layer egg-straordinaires, these chickens make great backyard chooks for families with children.

Egg Production: Excellent-approximately 300 BIG brown eggs per year.

• The Silver Laced Wyandotte:

Named after a Native American tribe, the Wendat, these beauties will add style and flair to your flock. These chickens have easy going temperaments and their compact little rose comb makes them a great choice for colder climates.

Egg Production: Good-approximately 200 brown eggs per year.

• The Orpington:

Ah, the sweet, dear Orpington chook-with a quieter disposition and egg-cellent mothering tendencies, these sweety pies grace most ads for great backyard chickens for sale!

Egg Production: Good-approximately 200 light brown eggs per year.

• The Sussex:

Looking for a general all around great breed of chickens for sale? You found it- the Sussex are economical to feed, are curious and simply love to forage and egg-splore, are friendly and like to interact with their keepers, and lay well throughout the seasons! Wow!

Egg Production: Good- approximately 200 light brown eggs per year.

• The Silkie Bantam:

A perfect breed for those looking for pet chickens for sale,the lovable and cuddly Silkie Bantam makes an absolutely wonderful addition to your backyard flock, if that is, you’re looking for a wonderful pet and not an egg-cellent layer. With soft fur-like feathers, a very sweet disposition, and tiny size, these cuties are great with children!

Egg Production: Okay to Good-approximately 100-200 small tinted eggs per year.

Looking for White Egg Laying Chickens for Sale?

• The White Leghorn:

Made popular by Warner Bros.’ infamous Foghorn Leghorn, a White Leghorn roo, this breed can be rather noisy and prone to flight. Although, Foghorn was egg-static that he was never the subject of a chickens for sale ad, his penchant for mischief was great! One of the most popular breeds throughout the world, these chooks are economical to feed and lay eggs like CrAzY!

Egg Production: Excellent- approximately 300 white eggs per year.

• The Ancona:

Italian in origin and our second white egg layer to make this top ten list of chickens for sale, this breed is very hardy and an egg-cellent choice for colder climates. Egg-straordinary foragers who favor the free range lifestyle, Anconas, while alert and observant, tend to protect themselves first and run if they sense danger, thus are not good around children.

Egg Production: Very Good-approximately 250 white eggs per year.

So, you see, there are chickens for sale and then there are the top 10 chickens for sale that backyard chicken keepers turn to time and time again.

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