Clever Ways To Reuse Your Old Chicken Coop Or Tractor

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 18 April 2015

Though a quality chicken coop or tractor that has been lovingly maintained should last for many years there often comes a time when every chook house begins to show its age. But, that's no reason to despair! Craft, clever and chicken-mad DIY enthusiasts have found plenty of ways to breathe new life into their tired old chicken coops or tractors. If you're looking for a little inspiration to help you resurrect you weary coop then make sure stick your full beak into this eggciting article to get the ideas pumping!

Baby chickens in chick brooder


Some clever chook lovers have converted their chicken coop or tractor into a brooder to keep little baby chooks safe from all of nature's dangers. This process is easy enough, but do be mindful of keeping your little ones at the right temperature. Basically all you’ll need to do is take your coop into an enclosed space, like a laundry or garage, lay a plastic tarp down under the it and wrap the panels in thick and clear plastic, leaving plenty of space for ventilation. Install a heat lamp on the inside so that your hatchlings stay warm and voila- you have your very own brooder. Be cautious with this though- it is best to make sure you have a backup brooder ready to go, in the event your chickens get a bit cold.

I would probably recommend this approach for chicken lovers who have hatched baby chicks before. Just because hatching baby chickens can be quite a stressful and emotional experience if you’ve never done it before, and something going wrong with the brooder might send any new time chicken parent into a total tizzy.

Firewood Storage

In winter there is simply nothing better than a warm fire on a Saturday afternoon as those frosty sheets of rain pour hard and fast from the dark clouds outside. However, this pretty picture can quickly be tarnished if you don’t have any dry firewood to get the blaze going. That’s why some savvy DIY gurus have converted their chicken coops or tractors into firewood storage. Simply put the chicken tractor on pellets, wrap it in thick clear plastic if you live in a rainy climate and store the firewood within. You’ll soon find yourself with a glass of wine in your hand warming your toes by the fire - pure bliss.

Cold Frame

If you have a spare chicken coop or tractor collecting dust in the backyard, you could always consider converting it into a cold frame for your garden. All you need to do is simply wrap your chicken coop or tractor in thick and clear plastic and position it over the plants or vegetables you want it to protect. Though most Australians don’t battle the bitter winter in their gardens, cold frames are especially useful to those Australians who live in colder climates, like eastern NSW, Tasmania and parts of Victoria.

Guinea pig in old chicken coop

Eggstra Enclosure For Other Pets

Have you ever woken up one morning with the overwhelming desire to own a bunny, or a puppy, or maybe even a couple of ducks? This is a perfectly normal sensation for any animal lover, but like most of us know, rearing and training new animals can sometimes be a bit of a trial. But, if you have an extra chicken coop or tractor laying around, introducing new animals to your family, like dogs, will be a breeze. Like many chicken owners have already discovered, a old chicken house is a great way to allow your animals to explore the great outdoors, whilst still being safe from nature’s predators, as well as blocking your new pets from doing a runner.

Coop Extension

At some point most chicken lovers will think about getting their girls some extra room to graze. Chickens who have more space to strut their stuff are often happier and healthier, as well as producing better quality eggs. There is no standard approach when it comes to creating an extension for your coop, as each chook house is unique, but keep your old hen house in mind if you are looking for an easy way to give your girls a bit more play space.

So, don’t just let your old chicken coop or tractor slowly decompose in the backyard because there are so many ways you can breathe new life into it. Remember, no matter what, chickens will personality need a coop with character, so make sure check out the Taj Mahal, Penthouse and Mansion coops.

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