A Guide to Using Electric Fencing for Goats, Chickens, Sheep and Pigs

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Last Updated: 08 January 2019

goat with electric poultry fencing

Electric Fencing for Goats

Portable electric fence netting is a great choice for keeping your small herd of goats contained. Your goats will learn quickly that the fence delivers an unpleasant shock and stick to their containment area. Electric fencing is ideal for keeping bucks separate, containing ill or injured herd members or protecting outdoor feed supplies or stocks. Goats are clever animals so make sure you maintain your electric fence and take care of any shorts or faults quickly.

chicken flock with electric poultry fencing Electric Fencing for Chickens

Protecting your chicken flock from predators is a top priority for all chicken keepers. Electric poultry fencing is a great solution for helping to prevent chicken coop predators like foxes, wild dogs, quolls and feral cats. A portable electric fencing option also allows you to move your chickens' foraging area. This helps prevent over-foraging and systematically fertilises plots of your property. Electric poultry fencing not only keeps predators out, it also helps keep your cheeky chooks where you can see them. Contain gardens, vegetable patches and lawn areas with this handy curious clucker deterrent.

sheep and lambs in pasture Electric Fencing for Sheep

Portable electric fencing is a great solution for rotating your sheeps' grazing area or moving your flock from one pasture to another with temporary containment paths. Electric fencing is perfect for creating small pens for ewes and lambs in season or containing ill or injured flock members.

pig in pasture

Electric Fencing for Pigs

An electric fencing solution is perfect for raising pastured pigs or creating a temporary pig pen. Electric fencing also works well for keeping sows and piglets separate, containing ill or injured herd members or protecting outdoor feed supplies or stocks from curious piggies. Always supervise your pig herd's first day with electric fencing or netting in their environment to make sure they have the chance to learn about the fence without becoming too stressed or trapped.

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