Fruits and Vegetables That Are A Match Made In Juice Heaven!

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 25 November 2014

There are some fruits and vegetables that just really complement each other flavour-wise (and nutrition wise). Instead of eating them one by one, which can be a bit bland, juicing them combines the flavours into an easy to consume, nutritious and delicious drink, perfect for kick-starting your body for the day (or getting you through it!)

Here are some fruits and vegetables that bring out the best in each other when juiced together.

  Banana and Spinach - Vitamins, Vitamins, Vitamins


Bananas sweeten the taste of the spinach and balances the flavours out - even those who don’t like their greens will like a banana and spinach juice! You can also add some milk in to give it a creamy smoothie consistency.

Growing your own: Spinach is best grown in the middle of the year, for a fine crop of greens you can harvest and use in your salads, green smoothies and juices, or stir into savoury meals.

Bananas are in season all year round - so if you've got banana trees, you’re pretty much set for life.

Apples and Carrots - The Immune Booster


An apple and carrot juice is like a nutritional powerhouse - chock full of immune system boosters (especially if you through some ginger into the mix!)

Growing your own: Apples come into season around March. If you’ve got an apple tree or an orchard nearby, run out and pluck those fresh juicy apples - you’ll never get a crunchier crop! Fruit trees like full sun, well drained soil and most of all, they need ample room to grow tall and strong!

Carrots are easy to grow all year round, except when its blindingly hot. Plus, they’re another vegetable that’s very versatile and handy for juices, roasts and of course, carrot cake! Carrots need frequent watering and a light mulching over the top of the soil.

Pineapple and Celery - The Fibre Booster


Need to up your fibre intake? Pineapple and celery are two great pieces of fresh produce that will give your body a fibre boost. Juice together as is for a tangy, refreshing taste, or you can add some honey, and orange juice to the mix.

Growing your own: Pineapples are hardy fruits that you don’t need to tend to very much. They don’t need much water, or an abundance of soil - just plant in full sun.

Celery is best grown in the later months of the year for the optimal crunchy crop. Grow in trenches, and keep the plants well hydrated.

These juices are even better when you’re using in-season fruits and vegetables you’ve grown in your own backyard patch. They taste just as good as your fresh backyard eggs do!

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