Games and Crafts for Kids This Holidays

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Last Updated: 23 September 2014

Keep your kids amused this holidays with these egg-cellent activities - there'll be no more "I'm bored" or "what can we do"'s in your house!

1. Egg Cartons and Crafts

When you've used up all the eggs in your egg cartons, don’t throw them away! Egg cartons are amazing to use for arts and crafts. Check out some of these clever ideas for inspiration!

  eggs make ideal flowerpots for small sproutsGrow seedlings/flowers in them

Get your cracked open, empty egg-shells, fill them with soil and help your kids grow plants and small flower ‘seed starters’ inside it as a fun activity. Here are some cool ideas:

Carton crafts

You can make so many things out of egg cartons - from frames, to head wear, even glasses! Check out some of the brilliant craft creations, all made from the humble egg carton.

2. Games

The Egg And Spoon Race

Honestly - who doesn’t remember doing the egg and spoon race at some point in their lives. It’s so simple, all you need is an egg, a spoon and steady hands. Whoever makes it over the finish line without splatting their egg all over the floor wins!

The Egg Hunt

an easter egg hunt is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise

Why limit this fun game to easter? A chocolate egg hunt is one sure-fire way to get the kids into the backyard and out in the fresh air! Hide little chocolate treats in the backyard and watch as the kids run around trying to find them all.

The Egg Roll

Do as the White House does and have an annual egg rolling contest! It’s like the egg and spoon race, except instead of careful balancing skills, you need careful aim. The first one to roll their egg along the floor across the finish line is the winner.

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