How Can I Make My Own Whole Grain Chicken Feed?

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Last Updated: 27 October 2014

Flax seed and oil for chicken feed

Feeling creative, and want to make some wholegrain feed for your flock? Great idea! They’ll absolutely love all the goodies and healthy bits and pieces mixed in, plus there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your chickens eagerly devouring feed you’ve made from scratch! There’s no better way to know egg-sactly what goes into chicken’s feed than by making it yourself.

What do I need to make it?

While all chickens dietary requirements will differ, there are a few fundamental ingredients you should include in your home-made chicken feed to keep your chickens clucking. (it is best to research how much of each ingredient you should include in your chicken feed depending on the amount you wish to make. This will ensure your girls are getting the correct dose of each to be provided with the most nutrient rich meal).

Typical ingredients that go into homemade chicken feed includes sunflower seeds, flax seeds, wheat, corn and other all-natural goodness!

Where can I find a recipe?

Our Making Your Own Chicken Feed: The Fundamentals article has some great ingredients to include in your whole grain chicken feed - it’ll keep your flock fighting fit and their appetites very satisfied.

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