Pet Chicken Personalities - Get to Know Your Chook

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 21 July 2020

All pet chicken keepers know that chooks have personalities. Hens are clever, cute and cheeky to boot. Once thought of as cluckin’ bird brains, studies show that pet chickens are intelligent, empathetic and affectionate. The humble gallus gallus domesticus (the fancy name for chooks) display a range of behaviours and emotions that illustrate how switched on they really are. From multitasking to problem solving to using a complex system of communication within their flock, chickens really are more than meets the eye.

Each pet chicken in your flock is a fabulously feathered individual and their place in the pecking order is dictated by their personality type. Have a peck at our guide to the 5 chicken personality types and where they sit in the pecking order below.      

chicken personalities bossy chook

1. The Bossy Chook

This hen is the queen bee of the flock. All chooks fall in line behind her or risk a reprimanding peck. Also known as the alpha hen, the Bossy Chook takes no prisoners when it comes to ruling the chicken coop with an iron wing. She is confident, sassy and essential to a healthy flock pecking order.

chicken personalities cheeky chook

2. The Cheeky Chook

A cheeky chook is curious, active and always up for an avian adventure. Wondering which chook has been pecking at the petunias? The Cheeky Chook. Can’t figure out which hen is knocking the drinker over? The Cheeky Chook. This hen is the beta hen to the Bossy Chook, at her side to provide support, but kept in place when her cheekiness breaks boundaries.

chicken personalities smart chook

3. The Smart Chook

Bright and thoughtful, the Smart Chook takes her time to figure things out. While the Bossy Chook will barge in to take charge, the Smart Chook will hang back and figure out how to get what she needs without ruffling any feathers. This cluey clucker can learn tricks - so grab those Mealworm Treats and start the training montage - eye of the tiger optional.  

chicken personalities silly chook

4. The Silly Chook

The Silly Chook is that hen in the chicken run who never fails to give their keeper a giggle. Whether it be the way they run for a treat or the funny clucking noises they make as they forage. The Silly Chook is the quirky one of the flock, content to do their own thing and stay wonderfully weird.     

chicken personalities sweet chook

5. The Sweet Chook

Oh, Sweet Chook. This hen is the quiet and bumbling chicken of the flock. Happy to tag along in any chicken adventures but also content to keep to herself. She is often firmly at the bottom of the pecking order, but essential to the social structure, every Bossy Chook queen needs a handmaid afterall. These chickens often make good mother hens, with their patient and gentle nature, guiding their baby chicks into the world of the chicken coop. Always up for a hen hug, the Sweet Chook is simply a pleasure to have in your flock.

With this mix of personalities, it’s no wonder the chicken coop is an exciting and entertaining place to be! Get to know more about chicken personalities here and keep the pecking order of your flock in check with our guide.  

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