Rabbits: What To Feed Them

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Last Updated: 11 September 2014

Just like bugs bunny, rabbits love to eat carrot

Rabbits are absolutely adorable, floppy eared friends- who wouldn’t want one! If you’re a first time rabbit keeper and are a bit stumped as to what to feed them, we’ve got the guide for you!

Grass/Grass Hay

Grass/Grass hay should be available to your furry friends at all times - rabbits absolutely LOVE to chew, plus it helps boost their fibre levels and their intestinal health. Giving them a constantly accessible supply of fresh grass hay will keep them satisfied, as it comprises the majority of their diet.

Good grass options include:

- Timothy

- Oaten

- Wheaten

- Pasture

- Paddock

- Meadow

- Ryegrass

Veggies and Leafy Greens

You should also give your floppy eared fellows a decent serving of leafy greens and veggies to keep their nutrition levels up - as a general rule, feed them about 2 cups of greens p/kg in body weight.

Veggies and greens your bunnies will love to nibble on include:

- Broccoli

- Brussel sprouts

- Spinach and lettuce leaves

- Bok Choy

- Herbs like parsley, basil, mint


There are certain foods you can give your bunnies a small amount of as a treat - too much of a good thing will not be a good thing for them!

You can give your rabbits about a teaspoon per day of the following treats:

- Most kinds of fruit

- Carrot

- Sweet potato

- Capsicum

Commercial Rabbit Pellets

Rabbit pellets are good for boosting fibre levels, but again is a food group that should be given in small quantities.

Fresh Water

As with any animal, rabbits need a constant supply of fresh water to stay healthy and happy. Just having it sit in their hutch at all times is enough!

kids will love playing with their fluffy bunny friends

What NOT To Feed Them

The following foods should definitely not be fed to your rabbits, otherwise they might be feeling a bit under the weather!

Feeding no no’s are:

- Cereals

- Grains

- Nuts

- Seeds

- Corn

- Beans

- Peas

- Breads

- Biscuits

- Sweets

- Sugar

- Breakfast Cereals

- Chocolate

Keeping your rabbits well fed and nourished is easy - they don’t have any particularly special or stringent dietary requirements - lots of grass hay, a few veggies, fresh water and some little treats to nibble on from time to time will keep them happy and hopping!

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