What Makes a Great Rabbit Hutch?

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 11 June 2014

Raising rabbits is a popular and enjoyable hobby and provides great fun and educational opportunities for families. If you’re wondering how to house these furry little critters, look no further- Backyard Chicken Coops’ as their coops make excellent rabbit hutches for your bunnies! These coops are just right for raising happy “hoppy” outdoor rabbits.

Girl playing with rabbit in living room

Locating your rabbit hutches outside is healthier for them as these small furry ones have a very sensitive respiratory system and what may not bother other indoor pets may affect them adversely. Dust, cleaning product odours, and musty air, etc. can harm their temperamental systems. Then, there’s the poop! Rabbit waste, when restricted to small indoor areas, such as a spare bedroom, can quickly emit an ammonia producing odour- not good for your family or your bunnies.

Many backyard chicken keepers can vouch for the quality of these coops, but they’re not just for chickens, folks, these well-made coops will comfortably house your rabbits when you follow a few important guidelines. When choosing rabbit hutches, space is the most important factor to consider. An average rabbit weighs about 3kg. consequently, each furry critter will need .55 square meters of space. With several size and style options available, your rabbits will be hoppily leaping and hopping for joy in their new dual-level digs! You might even catch them doing the “Bunny Hop”! Rabbit hutches placed properly in your backyard will ensure that your bunnies are comfortable throughout the year. Preferably, rabbit hutches should be placed in a shady spot, as rabbits tend to cope with colder temperatures much better than with warmer.

Now it’s time to don your interior decorator hat and equip your rabbit’s house with all the essentials. Feeders for your bunnies usually attach to the inside or outside of the hutch. They can be simple cup-like containers made from metal or plastic, or larger hopper style feeders and if you intend to add hay as a yummy treat, there are specifically designed “hay racks” for this purpose. To quench your bunnies’ thirst there are water bottles for rabbit hutches that are also available in a heated version for those of you who live in colder climates. Rabbits, like chickens, will need nest boxes in their rabbit hutches. Whether or not you happen to have a mother- rabbit- to- be, rabbits find comfort from and enjoy a quiet spot to sneak away from siblings and relax, or burrow into (if you stuff their nest boxes with hay they will truly burrow down in, especially in colder temperatures.) Many rabbit keepers use wire mesh for the floor of their rabbit hutches. If you choose to, it is nice to place a wooden board of some type on a small section of the mesh for your critters to sit and twitch their noses at each other!

Rabbit in secure run of hoppy hotel bunny enclosure

Happy, hoppy rabbits are naturally curious creatures, who thrive on exploring, and live in creative, stimulating rabbit hutches! Add a rabbit tunnel-they’ll scamper in and out and back and forth and hop out the other end ! They also like to nibble, and chew, and chew, and chew! Stock your rabbit hutches with plenty of chew toys, which can be store bought or just an ordinary toilet paper tube. Not only will they be entertained, but able to chew their way to better dental health because rabbit teeth grow continuously throughout their lives. If they don’t wear down their teeth by chewing, it can pose a serious problem. Yet another plus for adding hay to their diet- hay requires a LOT of chewing!

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