Rescue Hens are Re-homed After Bushfires

Photo of Kassandra Smith

Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 28 May 2014

Teangi Chambers took her first 10 ex-factory farm hens into her foster home this month.

Teangi Chambers has been fundraising to provide shelter and care for ex-factory farm chickens, that needed rescuing after the Blue Mountain bush fires.  Last year she found her own five chickens needing shelter after fleeing their home, with NSW Hen Rescue offering to house them during the troubling time.

“NSW Hen Rescue offered to Blue Mountains residents to come and take hens out of the danger zone, an offer I took advantage of. Since this time I have learnt of the deplorable conditions that chooks in factory farms endure every day and decided that it was time for us to do our little bit to make a difference and help this charity save, rehabilitate and re-home more of these deserved animals,” she said. “So, when they brought my girls back, I offered to take four of theirs too.”

Teangi is essentially the first 'foster carer' for NSW Hen Rescue, and is helping re-home more ex-battery hens than ever before.  Catherine Smith, founder and chairwoman of NSW Hen Rescue is very appreciative of Teangi's support:

“The residents of the Blue Mountains are very supportive of our cause and we re-home many hens to happy homes in the region, so having a foster home in the Mid Mountains is a perfect fit.”

Teangi is now learning the joys of rehabilitating ex-battery hens, and has received many donations and discounts from the Blue Mountain community for things such as housing for the chickens and vet bill discounts.

What an inspiration!