Rescued Dog and Silkie Chicken Become Best Friends

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Last Updated: 01 December 2018

Here’s a story that’s sure to brighten your day!

A rescue chicken has bonded with an abandoned dog in a touching act of friendship. Penny the silkie chicken was the subject of a lab experiment before she was rescued by a student named Penny Williams - as she’d reached the end of her ‘usefulness.’  Soon after, Williams came across young chihuahua pup Roo lying in a ditch, believed to be abandoned due to his deformed front legs.

The two have formed a heart-warming friendship, and have become an internet sensation thanks to the Facebook photos going up on the Animal Hospital website where Williams works.

Roo and Penny love spending time together - and thanks to Roo’s new cart, getting around is a breeze! The friends have been photographed exploring the snow, cuddling up to each other at bedtime and posing for Valentines Day and Christmas cards.

Forever friends: Penny the silkie chicken and Roo the chihuahua have a surprising bond

Friend in need: The chihuaha and silkie leave an adorable set of prints behind as they play in snow for the first time

Snow day: The Chihuaha and silkie explore a wintry garden together

Adorable: The fluffy chihuaha and silkie friends pose for a Valentine's Day picture

Festive: Chihuaha and silkie pose for a holiday photo as they celebrate finding a secure new home

We know that chickens and dogs can co-exist peacefully - but we've never heard of them becoming so close!

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