Spring Clean Your Garden

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 23 September 2014

It’s finally Spring down here in the southern hemisphere which means the grass is greener, flowers are blooming and the chickens are laying- yay!

So this means it is the perfect time to get your backyard back to it’s former pre-winter glory. Dust off your secateurs and gardening gloves, have your shovel and wheelbarrow at the ready- it’s time for a ‘spring clean’.

spring is the perfect time to get your yard, verenda and garden into order

Here are our top tips for whipping your garden into shape, and creating yourself a sanctuary for the spring and summer seasons.

  • Now is the time to prune any dead flowers heads, leaves, stalks and stems from perennials to make way for new growth and encourage strong and healthy shoots that will produce lots of brilliant and bright blooms!

  • Tidy up and shape any particularly out-of-control hedges that may have grown a little rampant over winter- try out some garden topiary if you’re feeling particularly clever and creative!

  • Your lawn may be due for a serious trimming- so rake up any leaves or old debris and give the lawn a much-needed trim and whipper snipper. You may also like to aerate the lawn using a garden fork, followed by a nice sprinkling of water and fertiliser or grass seed- your lawn will be thriving in no time!

  • Lots of pesky weeds thrive in the warm spring sunshine, so pull out any early birds and use a herbicide on areas that are prone to growing weeds to help keep them at bay.

  • It’s time to put your winter mulch to good use and layer it on your garden beds to help your plants really thrive.

  • Spring means planting time! Make sure you are prepared, by having all your seedlings, plants, soil, mulch, fertilizers and any pot plants collected and ready to be put into action after their hiatus. Sow the seeds and plant early-flowering Spring annuals such as daffodils and tulips- sure to add instant colour to your garden! Now is also the time to get your herb garden and veggie and fruit patch ready for action. Plant summer favourites such as carrots, lettuce, melons and berries- perfect for all those hotly anticipated summer salads! Protect your vulnerable plantings from cheeky chooks and feral animals with some portable electric fencing or keep your patch enclosed with a garden enclosure like this one.

  • Because spring is entertaining season it is important to make sure outdoor furniture is clean and ready for many long days and nights of barbecuing, celebrations and fun! Any timber pieces may need a quick once-over with oil or varnish to give them a new lease on life. Hose down any tiled or paved areas to get them looking spick and span once again!

  • If you have chickens, give your girls humble abode a nice clean out. Muck out the run, dispose of any droppings and clean and refresh nesting boxes, being sure to add some fresh herbs to keep the coop smelling extra sweet! Don’t have chickens? Well now is the perfect time to begin your chicken keeping adventure! With chickens beginning to lay again in spring, you will have some delightful new pets and a bounty of fresh eggs to collect each spring morning!

So what are you waiting for? Get your green thumb at the ready and mulch, prune and trim your way to spring freshness!

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