What Are Automatic Door Openers?

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Last Updated: 11 June 2014

backyard chicken coops automatic door opener

Chickens like routine. Although their curiosity does get the better of them when something new catches their eyes, they prefer life to be just so. Like clockwork, chickens rise with the sun and head inside to roost as it sets. We humans, on the other hand, do prefer to sleep in on occasion. So, what do we do about that loyal ol’ sun egging on our egg-suberant chooks every morning who are anxiously awaiting to get pecking? Enter, the Automatic Chicken Door Opener - an egg-cellent accessory for your chicken coop that not only enhances your feathery residents’ comfort by maintaining routine, but blesses the chicken keeper with peace of mind.

The Automatic Chicken Door Opener is the answer to every chicken keeper’s prayers! We all lead busy lives and although we cherish our sweet chickens and care for their every need and then some, we do have many other responsibilities and commitments. By simply setting the Auto Door’s timer to the sunrise and sunset times in your area, life just got a little easier. In colder weather, you have the flexibility to set the timer to open a bit later in the morning, perhaps when the temperature has warmed up a bit. Shaped like an old fashioned alarm clock with a regal rooster perched on top, this simple, yet essential gadget will keep balance within your flock, offer your chooks protection from predators, and help keep your mind at ease. The Auto Door very clearly displays the “open the coop” time, the “close the coop” time and it also displays the current time- a handy little extra for us chicken keepers who tend to lose track of time while out visiting and chatting with our chickens!

Chickens do not understand when their routine is interrupted. The Auto Door Opener’s creators appreciate the chicken’s need for sameness and put a battery life monitor on the face of the device. This way, you will be given adequate time to replace the batteries, and thus not cause your chooks any undue stress and confusion.

So, no need to interrupt your conversation at the neighbor’s barbecue to run home and tuck your chooks in in the evening. No need to feel guilty about sleeping in in the mornings. Why? Because, with the Auto Door, there are no worries.

Check out the Automatic Chicken Door Opener at Backyard Chicken Coops- it comes complete with four Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries and a two year warranty.

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