The Benefits Of Community Gardening

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 05 January 2015

If you’ve ever floated the idea of creating community garden, now is the perfect time! It’s summer- plants are thriving, the sun is shining, and there’s nothing like getting your thumb a little green with friends on a warm afternoon!


While we must admit, starting a community garden isn’t a quick fix- some amount of work and commitment is required to keep it well maintained. However, whether you are a green thumb or not, the enjoyment from and the benefits of community gardening definitely outweigh the work that goes into it- so much so that you won’t even consider it work! Not convinced? Read on…


  • The fabulous fresh produce of course! With rising food costs, and the knowledge that home grown food is is significantly better for your health- the allure of having your own fresh fruit and veggies at your fingertips is the number one benefit (we believe), of community garden! Pair your home sewn goods with your backyard chicken eggs, and soon enough the supermarket will be a distant memory!

  • Not only does eating the fresh produce help to keep community gardeners healthy, but gardening has also been shown to reduce the stresses and strains of everyday life, and ignite a sense of calm and happiness in a person.

  • Gardening isn’t always a walk in a park, a solid gardening session can sometimes leave you sweaty at best- especially in the heat! While it may not exactly be comparable to a gruelling workout, it does involve some amount of physical activity which promotes fitness and health.
  • Learning to grow plants and the act of gardening is a skill that is not only enjoyable, but also mentally stimulating and will expand a persons knowledge base indefinitely.

  • The area of learning isn’t only subject to how to grow plants- waste minimisation, sustainability, environmental practices and nutrition are all areas that gardeners will be experts in in no time!
  • One of the main reasons for community gardening is to increase and foster a friendly, supportive and spirited community- allowing people to socialise and bond in a welcoming environment, that facilitates growth and sustainability.

  • Community gardens are great for bringing people from a range of different backgrounds together. All different ages, races, religions and social classes can come together and connect through a shared interest and in a meaningful way.

Urban and Environmental Development & Improvement

  • Everyone can agree that a well maintained garden really does help to create a beautiful outdoor space- especially when it was originally just a vacant lot, or unkempt area of land. Whether there are flowers blooming, or tomatoes thriving- a community garden will really beautify a community area.

  • Planting a wide range of plants, flowers and greenery, provides a welcome habitat for urban wildlife, helping to cultivate the eco-system, plus who doesn’t love beautiful birds, and cute creatures?

  • Community gardens create a green hub for communities- instead of retreating to a coffee shop or bar, community members can catch up or retreat in their vibrant and thriving green space.

  • Recent research has shown that community gardens can actually increase property values in the immediate vicinity where they are located. However, if you’re a part of a community garden, we can bet that you will never want to leave!

  • It’s common knowledge that trees produce oxygen, so a community garden assists in restoring oxygen to the air and will help reduce air pollution within it’s proximity, so you and your family can breathe easy.

So are you sold on the idea yet- we know we are! If you’re still struggling to understand the concept of community gardening, check out this article, which goes into what they are and how they work. If not, get your community together, get in contact with your local council- you have some planning to do!

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