The Best Bantam Chickens For Sale

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Last Updated: 17 July 2020

Look for bantam chickens for sale when purchasing chickens for your backyard flock. They are the compact version of standard breeds and are loyal layers too. Many breeders of standard breeds also offer bantam chickens for sale.

different varieties of bantam chickens


Of all the bantam chickens for sale, one of the most popular bantam breeds is the Silkie, whose silky fur- like feathers, bluish purple skin, and sea-green ear lobes distinguish them from all other breeds. These unique chickens, originally from China, are friendly and docile and thus great for family flocks. Silkies are the only bantam chickens for sale that cannot fly! However, the ladies are egg-ceptional setters and lay tiny creamy tinted eggs. Available white, black, red buff, partridge, cuckoo, and a bluish lavender. Bantam Silkie hens weigh: 907g, Roosters: 1020g.

Egg Layers

The egg laying prize winner out of all bantam chickens for sale goes to the Leghorn! Originally from Italy, these Italians as they were originally known, are egg-cellent white egg layers, providing your family with close to three hundred eggs per year. That’s quite a lot of omelets! Leghorns are busy active chooks, fantastic flyers, and fabulous foragers. The hens are so focused on egg laying that they tend not to be interested in brooding. Yay! Bantam Leghorn hens weigh: 920 g. Roosters: 1020g.

Sweet Temperament

Easter Eggers equal sweet, sweeter, sweetest! One of the most special bantams out of all bantam chickens for sale, these sweeties come in a medley of lovely colors and lay a bounty of beautiful pastel blue, green and pink eggs adding a bit of flavor to your flock! They do well in both cold and hot seasons. A cross between the Ameraucana and Araucana breeds, they sport beards, muffs, and a regular tail. Bantam Easter Egger hens weigh 737g, Roosters: 850g.

Perhaps you’d like some variety in your backyard flock. When perusing catalogues for bantam chickens for sale be sure to consider the big ol’ fluff-ball Cochin breed! Cochins are amiable, hearty, even tempered chickens, who although they aren't the best layers, are magnificent mothers. One of the most easygoing of the bantams chickens for sale, Cochins are adept at adapting to free-ranging or closer coop quarters. These feathery feet and legged birds are available in white, buff, black, blue, mottled, silver laced, and gold laced. The frizzle version is yet another uniquely feathered variety which none of the other bantam chickens for sale can claim. The Frizzle Cochin’s feathers turn outward and kind of look like a chook that just woke up and hasn’t yet “combed” it’s feathers! Bantam Cochin hens weigh 800g, Roosters: 900g.

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