What Foods Should I NOT Feed My Chickens?

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 15 July 2020

Chickens, like many animals, are intolerant to certain foods - these aren’t foods that should even be given as treats, these are foods that should be avoided altogether, lest you want some sick chicks on your hands!

These foods generally have components that are toxic to chickens - some may cause stomach upsets, others may cause something worse...in any case, it’s best for your flock to avoid these food items.

Remember, chickens should be fed a healthy diet of feed, fresh water, grit and the occasional tasty treat - there’s lots of options to keep your chickens satisfied!

What NOT to feed your chickens

Choosing the best foods and avoiding toxic ones can be stressful and confusing. There is an overwhelming amount of choice when preparing nutritious mealtimes for optimal chicken health. With so many health issues being caused by an imbalanced diet, you might find yourself asking: what to feed, when to feed, how to feed, and why?! 

Cluckily, our friends at Chickenpedia can help you find out what’s best for your flock at all ages. This is why I recommend their Feeding Pecking Chickens Course to all my readers. Through their course, unearth nutrient-rich foods to help your chickens stay healthy, live longer, and produce the best eggs. Keep those yolks nice and yellow! The course shares advice and information on the best food for your flock as well as quantity control, storage, and timing for feeds.

Feeding time is also a great one for entertainment and this course provides bonus content filled with DIY boredom busters, toys, and treats for your flock. Become an eggspert and gain the confidence needed to choose the right chicken feed and know which ones to avoid.

Be sure to click here to visit Chickenpedia today to check out ALL of their amazing courses. 

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