What Is Point-Of-Lay?

by Kassandra Smith October 27, 2014

Broody Wyandotte chicken laying on nest with eggs

Different poultry terms can be a bit puzzling at the best of times. If you've been looking to buy some chickens or add to an existing flock, you've probably come across the term point-of-lay.

Our Chicktionary defines point-of-lay as:

“Term used to describe pullets who are about to begin their first lay. Generally around 18-22 weeks old.”

Essentially, it means that the chicken is at the age where they are about to begin laying delicious fresh eggs!

If the breeder is selling a point-of-lay chicken, this indicates that:

  1. The chicken is of the right egg laying age for its breed. The time when a chicken generally starts laying its first egg varies - for example, Isa Browns might lay within their first 3-4 months of life, other chickens like the Silkie might take longer!

  1. The breeder has done physical checks that indicate the chicken is about to lay - for example, checking that the pelvis bones have separated.

If you buy a point-of-lay chicken and it doesn't start laying from day dot, don’t fret - it may still take a few days or weeks from purchase for your chicken to start producing eggs. There’s no way to calculate the exact date and time that your chickens will start producing eggs, but if you buy chickens at point-of-lay then they definitely should not be far off the mark.

If you want to know more about the tell-tale signs of an imminent egg, check out our When Will My Chickens Start Laying Eggs article which has a few tips and tricks you can use.

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