Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Get Chickens!

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Last Updated: 09 January 2019

Everything just seems to bloom in Spring - the sun comes out, plants thrive and the world just seems a happier place. It’s also the perfect time to get chickens! (Well, any time is a great time - but Spring is especially perfect.)

Here are some of the many reasons why Spring is the perfect time to start chicken keeping, or add some more birds to your flock.

spring is the ideal time to get started with chickens as it is the season in which they thrive

1. There are more varieties of chickens available for purchase

Most breeds of chicken become available during the springtime, because it’s easier to hatch and raise them compared to winter (the environment makes it hard for birds to lay fertile eggs). So in Spring, it’s far easier to find a breeder providing the type of chicken you want. Ancona, Australorp, Plymouth Rock, Silkie - take your pick!

2. It’s the perfect season for hatching and raising your own baby chicks!

Springtime is perfect for incubating and hatching your own chicks. The temperature is nice and warm, which is ideal because the chicks need heat to grow (they’ll need additional heat through the heat lamp - but it’s always helpful to have warm temperatures outside as well!)

This also means that the temperature will be warm when they’re enter adulthood and leave the comforts of the brooder for the coop - always helpful when their bodies are making the transition. If the temperature is too cold, it might be a bit too much of a climate shock for them!

3. Chickens start laying eggs again

Yay! Tis the season for egg-cellent produce! In the winter months, chickens generally tend to slow or stop their egg laying due to the changing conditions (shorter daylight hours and colder temperatures). So when the spring sunshine breaks through the clouds, your hens will start to lay again! So, if you're one of the many egg aficionados that get chickens to enjoy the fruits of their produce, then spring is the perfect time to start your chicken keeping adventure!

The reasons why you should keep chickens are endless - so if you're yet to jump on to the chicken keeping bandwagon, Spring is the perfect time!

Before you go out and collect your feathery bundles of joy, make sure you’ve got somewhere for them to call home first! The Taj Mahal and Penthouse are perfect for first time chicken keepers and their new feathered friends.

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