Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Hatch Chickens

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Last Updated: 08 January 2019

its easiest to raise baby chicks if you hatch them in spring

Ever tangoed with the idea of hatching chickens? Well, spring is the perfect time to put your ideas into practice! Everything about the season of spring is perfect for hatching and bringing new life into the world - everything’s growing and coming alive again as the cold winter months disappear.

  The temperature is just right - inside and outside

Temperature is everything when it comes to incubating chickens. It’s not just the temperature of the incubator that is important - the temperature outside the incubator should also be constant. The great thing about Spring is that the temperature is not too warm, not too cold and doesn’t hit the extremes easily.

the weather and temperature is perfect for baby chicks in spring

Your hens will go broody easily

If you’re thinking of hatching au naturale, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your hens to go broody. Certain breeds that are great for brooding include: - SussexOrpingtonsSilkiesOld English GameFrizzlesDorkings

These chickens are known for being reliable and attentive mothers, and are your best bet for sitting on the eggs until they hatch. Some of these chicken breeds will even mother other baby animals they haven’t hatched themselves - that’s how much they love it!


It’s easier for them to make the transition from brooder to coop

Baby chickens are incredibly temperature sensitive - their brooder has to be nice and warm for about six weeks until they can tolerate the natural climate.

Spring is the perfect time to hatch and raise baby chickens - it’s just a great season in general! The temperature is perfect, gardens spring back to life and animals of all kinds begin to chirp and grow again.

If you’re hatching through an incubator, make sure you get one with all the necessary features - otherwise incubating will be far more difficult than it needs to be. Our incubator comes with humidity and temperature alarms, an egg-turning function and more for a stress-free and successful hatching.

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