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Last Updated: 21 July 2020

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Hello chicken keepers!

Chicken health is a mystery wrapped in a feathery enigma sometimes. One of the biggest concerns for myself and the keepers I speak to is determining whether or not our girls are healthy and happy. Chickens can display the same symptoms for a myriad of problems, so it can be hard to tell what ails ‘em. My Mother Hen Tips this week are easy ways you can check your chooks for sign of illness and what you can do to help your hurtin’ hens.

We have some great guides on how to deal with common chicken health issues that your chooks may face. For poultry worms, have a look here. To determine if your chicken has respiratory problems, have a peck here. And if your chickens are showing signs of mites or lice our quick fire guide will help you determine how best to treat them.

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Prevention really is the best medicine when it comes to chook health. These essentials help my flock stay flappin’ fit all year long.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Great for gut health and pest prevention! Add 1 ml per chicken per day to their water.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: Fantastic for pest prevention! Add a sprinkle to their dust bath spots and their hemp bedding.
  • Garlic: Assists in pest prevention and gut health! Add the dry skins to their nesting box and pop a couple of cloves into their drinker.
  • Wormwood: Repels pests and keeps intestinal worms away.

It pays to be observant and prevent illnesses in your flock. We all want to do an eggcellent job when caring for our feathered friends, so it's essential that you've got the right information to raise happy, healthy chooks. Did you know 67% of chicken keepers surveyed experienced a chicken health or behaviour issue in the first 12 months that they didn’t know how to handle?

But don’t worry! Our feathered friends over at Chickenpedia have created a Chicken Healthcare Course. It is a comprehensive online course that includes everything you need, including what to look for in an unhealthy chicken and how to support your egg-laying hens to optimal health. All of their courses are really well structured and filled with vital information, which is why I highly recommend them to all of my readers! From raising baby chicks to feeding to behavior, you’ll find valuable information that’ll give you the knowledge and confidence to successfully look after your chickens.

Check out Chickenpedia today. As a member, you will also get access to the ALL of their chicken courses!

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Feathers Forever,

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