The Spring Chicken Checklist

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Last Updated: 08 January 2019

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Hello chicken keepers,

They say Spring is the perfect time to start afresh... and they’re right! It’s the right time of year to get our hens back on track after their winter break with some tender loving care. Keep your chooks productive, healthy and happy as we head into the warmer months with my Spring Chicken Checklist...

1. Spring Clean

There are very few chook keepers that would put Spring cleaning at the top of their “Oh I just love doing that!” list. But trust me when I say that coop cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right tips, tricks and products it’s a bloomin’ breeze! Scrub up with my guide to spring coop cleaning here.

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2. Spring Fresh

After winter break your hens are ready to feel like themselves again. Elevate their self care routine and turn their dust baths into dust spas! Give your girls the ultimate in Spring spas with my guide to 5 things you can add to your flock’s dust bath here.

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3. Spring Sprouts

Growing your own chicken-friendly plants is the best way to save money on chicken feed AND it engages your flock’s natural foraging instincts, keeping them active and happy in the backyard. We have an egg-cellent list of poultry pleasing plants that your chickens will love right here, so let’s get sprouting!

4. Spring Chickens

Any chicken keeper worth their weight in Mealworm Treats knows that pure joy can only be obtained by collecting more chookies. There’s always room for more feather babies, right? Spring really is the best time to introduce some new feather friends and expand the flock. From chicks to pullets to point-of-lay, your local breeders will have a lovely mix of chicken breeds and ages to choose from. Have a peck at our guide to introducing new hens here.  

If you’re after more of a challenge this Spring, why not hatch your own hens? We have you covered with our guides to incubating, hatching and raising your very own brood of baby chicks. Have a peck at how to get started right here.

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Feathers Forever,

Kassandra X

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