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Breed Profile: Barnevelder

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The Barnevelders are medium heavy dual-purpose chickens laying a good number of eggs but also yielding a reasonable carcass. They are hardy birds and good foragers. It is sought after for its dark “chocolate” brown eggs. This beautiful bird is quiet and doesn’t mind being confined.


  • Origin: Dutch town of Barneveld, Netherlands
  • Size: 2.3-3.8kg
  • Bantam Size: o.74-o.91kg
  • Rarity: Moderately rare
  • Purpose: Sought after for the “Chocolate” brown Eggs
  • Colour varieties include: Double-laced, Black, White, Autosexing barred, Dark brown, Partridge, Double-laced Blue, Blue, Silver, Silver-black double-laced


  • Large and Brown
  • 180-200 Eggs Average Annually


The hen has dark brown plumage with a double lacing of black, sometimes referred to as “double-laced partridge.” The rooster has a black breast and tail and luxurious plumage with splashes of iridescent green, bronze and violet. There are also varieties of the breed which have white and blue lacing. Barnevelders have a single comb and red ear lobe. The breed has an upright stance, a broad breast and short wings carried high, making them poor flyers. The skin color is yellow.

barnevelder chicken rooster


  • Hardy in Winter: Yes
  • Especially Docile: Yes
  • Personality: The Barnevelder is a docile, friendly breed, excellent for children to raise. Contrary to most breeds, Barnevelder roosters are even known to nurture new peeps. The hens are commendable mothers, brooding their own eggs and giving attentive care to their offspring.

Barnevelders are a standout breed due to their unique plumage, quirky personality and of course those pretty and peculiar eggs that they lay! To find out more about the other qualities that make barnevelder chickens so uniquely loveable check out our 5 Reasons to Love Barnevelder Chickens article here!

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