Top Five Chicken Gifts for the Chicken Lovin’ Lady!

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 28 March 2014

Are you looking for a chicken CrAzY present for your Chicken Lovin’ Lady? No worries! Here at Backyard Chicken Coops we know chicken CrAzY, because we are too! That’s why we sell egg-straordinary gifts for the chicken lovin’ ladies in your life!

Celebrate that special day with unique, yet practical gifts she’ll use and cherish for years to come. Choose from a range of lovely fashionable egg-cessories for her home and kitchen or pool your resources and treat her chicken family to a new stylish, hardy coop filled with the finest coop accessories. Here at Backyard Chicken Coops, possibilities are endless!

Our Top Five Chicken Lovin' Presents

1. Chicken Apron

For the chef or baker, we have a lovely folk- artsy chicken print apron. Bright colors, delightful chickens and a flattering scalloped hemline make this a must have for the chicken CrAzY lady who loves spending time in the kitchen. But don't stop there, we have a whole range of egg accessories from egg pans to egg flips, whiskers, timers and separators we've got everything the egg CrAzY lady would need to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Chicken lady wearing handmade chicken apron

2. Chicken Thongs

For the lady who is always on the go, perhaps a chic and comfortable pair of Chicken Thongs will have her feet doing a happy dance as she shops and runs errands. These thongs are a fun and clucky way for any lady to express her love for the chicken family!

Chicken lady thongs shoes

3. Clucky Hen Bag & Coin Purse

No matter what type of mum she is, she will be egg-static when she unwraps the cute yet oh so fashionable Hen Bag, with matching Chicken Coin Purse of course! This lovely and unique handbag will look fantastic on your lovely lady’s arm whether she’s at a backyard picnic or out to lunch - and the will kids love 'em too!

Young girl with chicken bag

4. Chicken Door Stop

Does your mum need yet another chicken decoration? Yes? Well, how about the sweet yet functional Chicken Door Stop? This fantastic hen will keep Mum company in the kitchen and enchant visitors alike, as she prepares yummy meals for her family.

5. The Chicken Swing

This is perfect for any family flock of flappers. An Egg-cellently crafted and guaranteed to make your chooks flap-happy with glee!

Now don’t forget to take a peak at Backyard Chicken Coops’ chicken supplies and accessories too. Any chicken CrAzY Lady, would be absolutely thrilled to receive a present that she can share with her feathery chook friends. So, swing into action, and buy her a wonderful present that will surely elicit a chuckle or two from her family and friends.

Silkie chicken on chicken swing in Mansion coop

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