3 Holiday Gifts for Chooks and Chicken Keepers

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 08 December 2017

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Do you have a fabulous flock of backyard chickens or a cheeky chook keeper in your life? Treat them right this Christmas and holiday season with my top 3 ways to spoil hens and hen huggers. These gifts are sure to light up any hen keeper’s tree when Father Chooksmas comes to town.

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Get them out and about

Chickens love nothing more than foraging from dawn until dusk, but chook keepers are rightfully wary of letting their girls get too adventurous. Predators lurk even during the day and some very cheeky chooks can make light work of a garden if given too much rein. These gift ideas get that backyard chicken flock out and about without losing a hen or a head of lettuce.

This lightweight, demountable poultry fencing gets a flock out and about in a controlled foraging area. It can also be used to cordon off areas like veggie patches and flower beds to keep curiously pecking beaks at bay.

If your flock or a friend’s is prone to predator attacks then this demountable and easy to use electric poultry fencing is a thoughtful and potentially hen-life saving gift.  

Looking for more poultry protection? The Mansion Run is an egg-cellent gift that gives a flock additional and secure room to forage, flap and feed. It can easily be altered to suit almost any backyard chicken coop, but of course goes best with the Mansion Coop.  


Spruce up their coop

Nothing says “I love you, chicken” like a fresh and clean coop and some fun in the chicken run! Spoil those little ladies with some chicken coop comfort essentials and the best chook boredom buster on the block.

Keep those fluffy butts dry and comfy with this awesomely absorbent coop bedding. Not only is it good for chickens and their derrieres, chook keepers love the fact that it lasts longer than other bedding types and is pest repellent.

Double the coop comfort and cleanliness with a sprinkle of Diatomaceous Earth. This wondrous poultry powder keeps moisture levels down, repels pests and will have the coop and the cuties smelling and feeling fresh through the humid summer months.

Pet toys aren’t just for the family dog or cat! Chickens are smart and curious creatures that benefit from physical and mental activity on a daily basis. Adding a toy like the Chicken Swing to a coop or run will get those girls thinking and swingin’ any coop cares away.


Holiday hen feast

Indulging in a treat feast is a holiday tradition for hens as well as humans! Make that Christmas coop lunch a spectacular one with these gallus gallus gourmet gift ideas.  

The struggle to limit wasted chicken feed is real. This bonza bundle includes a Free Range Feeder and a 60L secure chook feed drum and will help save money on chicken feed, preventing spillage and pesky vermin.

Much like myself, hens are very food motivated. Mealworm Treats make it easy to get to know shy chooks, train a flock to come when called and add much needed protein to their chicken feed diet - perfect for egg production and moulting recovery.  

Santa and his six white boomers slog it out in above average temps to get our gifts to us. Chooks are no different. Laying eggs in the Australian summer is hot work, so spoil those little layers with a cooling summer treat feast. Frozen berries, cool natural yoghurt, chilled watermelon and ice blocks in their water supply are all great solutions for cooling down the coop.


Still not sure what to get that hen or hen hugger for the holidays? Get cluckin’ around the Christmas tree with our range here.  After some more cheeky chook action? Of course you are! Join the flock on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!

Feathers Forever,

Kassandra X