5 Reasons To Love Faverolles Chickens

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Last Updated: 17 July 2020


Developed in Northern France at the turn of the 20th century, Faverolles are a fluffy and feathery breed famous for their genial nature and good looks. Faverolles is a composite breed created from a combination of Cochins, Houdans and Dorkings that is big, strong and healthy in size, as well as being regular and reliable layers. Other popular composite breeds from this period include Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte and Barnevelders however Faverolles are definitely one of the most fabulous. It will only take a matter of moments for these  friendly french ladies to soar into your hearts and minds. True love may be indescribable however read on if you’d like to discover the 5 reasons we are totally besotted with Faverolles chickens.

  All The Colours Of The Faverolle Rainbow!

Describing the wide variety of Faverolles plumage may not be as easy as “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish” however true beauty has a habit of speaking for itself. Faverolles chickens are genuinely beautiful by nature and you’ll adore them, no matter what colour their plumage is. Black, buff, cuckoo, laced blue, salmon, white - there is basically a Faverolles to suit every chicken lovers unique taste. Why not fill your backyard with a menagerie of festively feathered Faverolles to astound your envious poultry pals? Bring your backyard to life with the radiant colours and patterns of Faverolles chickens!

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Peaceful Poultry Pacifists


Everyone who keeps Faverolles are always delighted by how sweet, gentle and social they are. Many families love to fill their yard with Faverolles because they make eggcellent companions for their young kids. These girls love to be kissed and cuddled and wouldn’t dream of pecking, poking or scratching anyone. The downside of their peace loving natures is the fact that they can sometimes be preyed upon by less well-meaning chickens, which can result in bouts of bitter conflict between power hungry chooks and harmless Faverolles. An exclusive flock of Faverolles would essentially be a peaceful commune of gentle hearted chooks, grazing in the gardens, exchanging kisses, cuddles and friendly greetings with their feathered friends and just generally being saintly figures of grace, wonder and delight. With this in mind, drama is the spice of life and sometimes it’s better to have a mixed flock of sassy and fantastic personalities. If you need some salient advice on how to combine different breeds into a single flock, have a read of this handy article here.

Add A Little Joie De Vivre To Your Coop

Joie de vivre: (noun) keen or buoyant enjoyment of life. Faverolles have joie de vivre in abundance! These pleasure loving hens know how to enjoy the little things: from eating a wriggly grub to bathing in the dust bath. Faverolles love life as much as they love the friends and family who they share their days with. Remember the old adage “if you want to be happy, surround yourself with people who enjoy life”? The answer is simple. Fill your backyard with Faverolles and soon you may rediscover all the little pleasures of life again. Do as the Faverolles do and suck the marrow out of life and radiate peace, love and kindness to all those around you.

Full & Soft Feathers To Run Your Fingers Through


Who doesn’t love running their hands through the hair (or feathers) of a creature that they love? Faverolles grow soft, smooth and fluffy beards and muffles that you’ll adore caressing each and everyday. These beards and muffles give Faverolles a distinctive look that make them a standout beauty in anyone’s flock of fine feathered friends. You’ll adore picking up your furry Faverolles and exploring the tufts of feathery-fabulousness with the tips of your fingers. The downside is that the extra feathery fluff that Faverolles naturally grow will mean you’ll need to attend to their feather-dos every now and then. Mud, dirt and other backyard mess can sometimes cake into their beards and muffles if you aren’t careful.

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Just Enough Eggs - No More, No Less

Have you ever been buried under an egg avalanche? Some backyard chicken keepers have found themselves with more eggs than they know what to do with. They find themselves thrusting full cartons of their eggcess farm fresh eggs into the arms of their guests before they leave, “please, please, please take these eggs!” Having too many eggs can sometimes become as frustrating as too few. That’s why Faverolles make the perfect chooks for any Chicken Lady or Lad who likes the odd fried egg but isn’t necessarily frying up an omelette at every meal. These reliable egg laying ladies produce approximately 240 eggs per year. Now, unless you’re lifting some serious weights or baking a cake a day, you probably aren’t accustomed to eating more than 240 eggs per year! Faverolles make the perfect layers for any family that wants to munch on some eggs every now but aren’t necessarily egg-mad!

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French Faverolles are used to all things that ooze class and sophistication. Now, it may not be possible to move your girls into Versailles, but the Mansion, Penthouse or Taj Mahal are all obtainable and can be delivered anywhere in Australia. Chickens with personality need a coop with character, so make sure your flock - no matter what breed they are - has a coop that they can call home.

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