5 Reasons To Love Plymouth Rock Chickens

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 18 July 2020

The Plymouth Rock chicken is a wonderful breed of chook for first time keepers and seasoned Chicken Ladies and Lads alike. They are relaxed, resplendent and responsive and make any coop a more loving and fun place to be. Introduced in the late 1900s, the breed was named after the town of its origin and quickly rose in popularity across America due to their egg-cellent egg laying skills and their laid back look on life. Plymouth Rock hens make great additions to backyard chicken coops and our egg-sperts just love their chilled out vibe and kid-friendly nature. Let’s have a little peck at just five reasons why it’s easy to adore these happy-go-clucky hens.

 Plymouth Rock chicken in backyard

1. A Chilled Out Chicken for our Coop

Like watching the sun slowly slip below the horizon from a bush veranda, Plymouth Rock chickens encourage their keepers to take their time, take it easy and enjoy all the little pleasures that life has to offer. Plymouth Rock ladies are the chilled out mommas of the chicken world. They are not hurried, so they don’t expect you to be! They are similar to that true friend that says “Take it easy! Let’s just relax and enjoy the day”.

Plymouth Rock chooks are super suitable for families with young kids. The “extra love” that children tend to give their feathered friends is no problem for these girls with their relaxed approach to life and their calm, reassuring vibe. Kids don’t faze them, grown-ups don’t faze them, and even dogs don’t faze them! The world slips on by as the Plymouth Rock hen calmly watches it pass, happy to be by your side.

2. Pretty Plumage!

While the Plymouth Rock chicken’s feathers come in a variety of colours from buff to black and brown to white, the most popular choice for backyard chicken keepers is the beautiful barred variety. These feathers are a sight to behold, bold black and white stripes contrast beautifully with their soft red combs and vivid yellow beaks and feet, quite the pretty plumage! Their bodies are full and heavy set and their loose feathers don’t tangle easily, making care and upkeep of these laid back ladies a breeze. Regardless of their outfit, a buff coloured babe, a white linen lady or a bold black and white bombshell, the Plymouth Rock chook remains their calm and chilled out self.

Barred Plymouth rock chicken

3. All Eggs, No Fuss!

While relaxing and affection are the prime motivations of the Plymouth Rock hen, she is an egg-ceptional layer in disguise! These beautiful birds will give your family the gift of large fresh eggs 200+ times a year! The combo of their calm nature and reliable egg production make the Plymouth Rock chook a very popular farm chicken across Australia and abroad in the United States and the UK.

There is nothing more satisfying then opening up those nesting boxes in the morning and seeing a cluster of fresh egg gifts from your hens. If you are lucky enough to have multiple Plymouth Rock mommas in your flock your egg production may egg-ceed your need! We’re sure the neighbours will be pleased to share the bounty of eggs that these hens create, so why not try your hand at some of our delicious and nutritious egg recipes and dazzle your friends with your culinary prowess?

4. Happy-Go-Clucky and Ready to Hug!

These laid back ladies are the perfect companion for those who want to hug a hen on the regular. Happy to be the go-to chook for cuddles, affection and companionship, the Plymouth Rock is not to be outdone by any other hen when it comes to snuggles and lap sitting sessions. The girls will greet you with rapt attention if a treat of cracked corn or meal worms is involved and will happily chill out by your side while you get your green thumb dirty in the backyard.

Kids especially will have a special place in their heart for these gorgeous girls. The Plymouth Rock chook will let them practice their hen holding skills, is very relaxed about being showered with kid kisses and isn’t fazed by the missteps in proper hen handling procedure that kids will inevitably take.

5. The Mommas and the Bubbas

Plymouth Rock chickens aren’t regular mums, they’re cool mums. Natural born carers, these girls have strong maternal instincts which organically appear when needed. When they start to brood in the spring they make egg-cellent incubators and hatchers, but don’t stress if brooding isn’t your thing, it can be easily discouraged, just have a sticky beak here. If you’re thinking of naturally hatching some cheeky chicks the Plymouth Rock chook is a wonderful choice of mum to raise your new feather babies. They take to it with no fuss and provide attentive and loving care to eggs and chicks regardless of their genetic link to their soon to be charges.

No matter the feathered outfit she’s wearing, a Plymouth Rock chicken is a sure bet if you’re after a chilled out companion, a patient pet for your kids, a reliable and relaxed egg layer or a natural mother to some cheeky chicks. Regardless of what a Plymouth Rock hen is to you, they are certainly a chicken with personality and need a coop with character. Want to start a fledgling flock of two? Or perhaps create a happy and healthy home for a cool collection of Plymouth Rock mommas? We have you sorted with our easy to love and easy to clean coops like the marvellous Mansion, the perfect Penthouse or the terrific Taj Mahal. Have a peck at these happy homes to see what coop is right for your fledgling flock.

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