Size Does Matter: What Chicken Breeds Lay Large Eggs?

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Last Updated: 16 July 2020

If you’re an egg fanatic, we can almost bet that you love your eggs large and plentiful! So, if you’re thinking of keeping chickens as a sustainable way to fuel your love of your favourite breakfast staple, you’re probably dying to know the chicken breeds that will give you the biggest and best produce possible!

Keep in mind that the difference between a large egg and a medium egg can be a matter of grams (makes all the difference when baking that delicious pavlova - we know!).

These chickens will lay large eggs weighing approximately 50 grams. According to the Australian Egg Corporation, the approximate sizes of different sized eggs are: 42 grams for medium eggs, 50 grams for large eggs, and 59 grams for extra large. As you can see, the difference between egg sizes isn’t huge.

Here are some chicken breeds that are renowned for laying large eggs- the perfect size for any egg addicts!

plymouth rocks, welsummers, isa browns, and orpingtons all lay large eggs

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Reds are renowned for their plentiful produce. You can expect between 250-300 large brown eggs from these lucrative layers- as well as a sweet, friendly family pet! They are very easygoing, are a hardy bird that can withstand cold winters and are just lovely to have around! Want to know more? Check out our 5 reasons to love Rhode Island Reds here!

Isa Browns

Isa Browns are egg laying machines! They will keep your tummies full - laying between 300-350 large brown eggs per year. They definitely earn their keep! Isa Browns are a friendly breed for all ages and have made delightful additions to families worldwide. Because Isa Browns are such incredible egg layers, they do need a bit more protein in their diet than other breeds. Check out our  Essential Nutrients for Happy Healthy Hens article for what to use as egg-stra protein sources! Hungry for more? Have a look at the 5 reasons we love ISA Browns here!


Orpingtons are beautiful, soft feathered chickens that make calm and docile family pets, as well as producing decent sized fresh eggs!  You can expect 175-200 large, light brown eggs each year from your lovely Orpington chickens.

Orpingtons are great for urban backyards, families with children, egg production...they are just egg-cellent all round! Check out the 5 reasons we love Orpingtons here!


The Welsummer lays large, dark brown eggs that actually fade in colour the more eggs they lay! Don’t worry - this doesn’t affect the delicious taste. Like its eggs, the Welsummer is a large sized bird - which means it needs more space and loves to roam around, therefore it will require a large run or open area to free range comfortably.

Barred Plymouth Rocks

The Barred Plymouth Rock is one of the most popular breeds for families - and rightly so! They have a gentle and calm temperament, which makes them perfect for children - and get along well with other family pets. The Barred Plymouth Rock lays approximately 200 large brown eggs per year - and will lay all year long (decreasing slightly in winter and when moulting as most do). There are som any reasons to love Plymouth Rocks, here's 5 of the best!

So if you’re after large eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, you can’t beat these chicken breeds!

One of the biggest benefits of keeping chickens is having a great supply of fresh eggs. Nothing beats having fresh eggs in the house for delicious meals and baking treats. However, in order to get a frequent, fresh supply of eggs, keepers need to look after the chickens that lay them. There can be multiple issues that are stopping your ladies from laying which is stressful for them and for you!

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The best way to ensure your flock keeps producing their famed large eggs, is keeping them comfortable with a decent sized coop.  The less stressed your hens are, the more consistently they’ll lay! Our Taj Mahal, Penthouse and Mansion coops are proven winners for these chicken breeds, with the former two having runs already attached, and the Mansion having a separate run available for extra room to roam around (great for breeds like the Welsummer who need to forage and be active).

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