5 Reasons To Love Polish Chickens

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 18 July 2020

Love may be blind but style has twenty-twenty vision and Polish chickens have exceptional senses when it comes to fashion! Beauty may only be only skin deep but these glamorous girls are gorgeous inside and out. If you’re looking for a classy chicken that leaves other chooks in the dust bath when it comes to clucky-couture then you simply must read the top 5 reasons we love polish chicken.


1. Every Polish Chicken is Crowned with a Crest

Perhaps the most iconic feature of polish chickens are their gorgeous feathery crests. Polish chickens always stand out due to the large fluffy bouffant of feathers that adorn their head like some kind of glamorous crown. It’s no surprise that the stylish look of these distinctive chooks make them a popular choice in poultry shows all round the world. When it comes to male crests in the competitive world of show chickens the bigger the better whereas a more round and even shaped crest is favoured among hens. Regardless of whether your girls are trying their luck in competitions or not, all polish chickens have some difficulty seeing from behind the fan of feathers that naturally grows over their eyes, so make sure you give them a helping hand whenever they need it.

Be forewarned though, polish chickens need extra attention when it comes to grooming, like frizzles and silkies, and cannot abide being wet. For more information about chicken grooming simply click here.

2. They Love to be Held and Protected in your Arms

Polish chickens are timid, loving and kind but can easily become frightened, flighty and skittish, which is why they need an affectionate Chicken Lady or Lad to give them plenty of kisses and cuddles. The nervy nature of these chooks make them a target for some people to call them, well… “chicken”, but their occasionally anxious temperament is largely due to their feathery crests that impair their vision. You’d be nervous too if your line of site was always obstructed by a boa of fabulous feathers. These special ladies need experienced, dedicated and compassionate chicken lovers who don’t mind giving them a little extra support when they need it most.

If you need any advice on the best way to hold you chicken(s) close find out more by simply clicking here.

3. Well Proportioned Ladies with Naturally Flawless Bodies

Despite the fact that their feathers sometimes get in the way of them seeing clearly, polish chickens are lauded for having shapely and attractive figures. Full breast, large wings and deep bodies, you’ll notice these girls coming as they strut up and down the chicken run. Described as an ornamental breed in some circles, this unique and beautiful chicken will surely be the jewel in your flock.

4. Non-Broody Hens have More Time to Lay their Love on You

As ABBA famously sung, “don’t go wasting your emotions, lay all your love on me”, well polish chickens have taken this important lesson to heart. Polish girls rarely go broody which means they’ll always be able to freely offer you all their love and devotion. Similarly, polish chickens are not considered prolific layers, only producing 120 small white eggs per year, but that means they have more time to cuddle up with you on the deck and watch the sunset. If you’re looking for a chicken that will be a loyal and loving companion, like a cat or a dog, then look no further than the always beautiful and exceptionally charming polish chook.

If you’re looking for a chicken that can deliver when it comes to eggs, make sure you check out our top 8 laying hens here.

5. This Mysterious Breed will Keep you Guessing

Now, you might be surprised to hear that polish chickens actually don’t come from Poland. That’s right, polish chickens actually might get their name from the dutch word “pol” that means head, however chicken gurus are not absolutely sure if this is the case. Additionally, there is considerable mystery about where these gorgeous girls come from. Some people believe polish chickens are native to the Netherlands, whereas others suspect they may have been brought to Europe by medieval Mongols, while other more loopy chicken lovers choose to believe these unusual birds are aliens from Neptune - just yolkin’! But, in all seriousness, there is a lot of mystery surrounding these cute and cuddly chooks, which make them all the more loveable.

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