Which Breed of Chicken Makes a Great Pet for Children?

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Last Updated: 18 July 2020

Kids can learn a lot from feeding and caring for backyard chickens

Chickens are an absolutely brilliant pet for children - they can teach them about sustainable living, provide them with tasty, healthy fresh eggs for breakfast, and give your children feathered friends for life! However, if you want to get your young ones some feathered friends, it’s important you choose the right breed of chicken that have the right personality attributes.

Here are some chicken breeds that are the perfect pet for children:


Silkies are well known as one of the most affectionate, loving chicken breeds your backyard flock will ever come across.  All people who own Silkies fall in love with their gentle nature and tendency to want to snuggle on your lap – adults and children alike

They aren’t great egg layers, but these chicken breeds make up for it in being adorable, sweet pets that your kids will love to pet and play with. Plus, they will get such a kick out of their fuzzy feathers! Want to know more? Have a sticky beak at our 5 reasons to love Silkies here!

Barred Plymouth Rock

This brilliantly feathered bird is another of the multi-talented chicken breeds that is an egg-cellent egg layer and an equally great pet for children.

They have a really friendly, calm nature and seem to genuinely enjoy being around humans – especially inquisitive little faces. Furthermore, they are a hardy bird that can withstand harsher elements like the cold, so they can thrive if you’re situated in a chilly climate.

The Barred Plymouth Rock are one of the chicken breeds that are great egg producers, laying 200-250 eggs per year, so your family Sunday breakfasts should be plentiful for a long time to come.  Also, they are known to have a longer than average life expectancy, so they really will become part of the family. Want to know more? Have a sticky beak at our 5 reasons to love Plymouth Rocks here!


Beautifully feathered, quiet, calm, friendly – the Orpington is a great addition to any family backyard. In fact, they are so family orientated that the hens themselves are known for being particularly broody, and love to mother their own children.

They have a beautiful silky coat that can come in an array of colours, and they lay an average amount of eggs – around 175-200 per year.  They really do love to be held and petted, and are one of the more affectionate chicken breeds perfect for little hands to hold. Want to know more? Have a sticky beak at our 5 reasons to love Orpingtons here!

With so many amazing kid-friendly chooks to choose from, it can be eggstremely overwhelming to find the perfect breed for your family. From looks, to traits to egg-laying talents - where should you begin?

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For some more egg-cellent chicken breeds for children, check out our The Best Chicken Breeds for Families article.

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