Why Rabbits Make Such Brilliant Pets!

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 10 September 2014

Dogs are loving, loyal creatures, cats love to snuggle up for a scratch, and chickens will provide you with a bounty of fresh eggs each morning, but what about bunnies? What makes these funny and fluffy little animals such a popular pet?

Rabbits (or bunnies), are charming little creatures and while they may fly under the radar when you’re thinking of what to get, they make fantastic pets!

Their calm and gentle nature makes rabbits perfect pets for families with kids

So why should you opt for a bunny over say a dog or cat when it comes to pet selection? There are a number of reasons…

1. They are clean & hygienic

Long gone are the days of shovelling up piles of poo from your neatly manicured lawn, ala Bingo the bull terrier. Bunnies, being the clean and delicate little animals they are, are wonderfully clean and hygienic, taking to litter training better than an old cat or dog! They will choose a certain spot and designate it to be their toilet area, and this will be the only place they do their business. They are in fact so particular about keeping their living quarters clean that they eat their own poop! Disturbing- yes, but if rabbits don’t eat their cecotropes droppings (small cluster like poop), they will be devoid of many nutrients, and their health will suffer. So they take care of their nutrition AND clean up after themselves while doing it- what clever and considerate animals they are!

2.  They are quiet

Don’t you just love waking up to the neighbourhood cats brawling at four in the morning, or the next door neighbours dog barking at a frog at midnight! While your dogs excited yaps when you arrive home might be cute, there are some days when coming home to peace and quiet is absolute bliss- silence is golden remember! Aside from a few frightened thumps every now and then, bunnies are perfectly quiet, and will show their appreciation of your presence by bouncing about and twitching their nose- cuter than a yapping, squealing dog? Very well could be…

3.  We keep the same schedule

Bunnies are what is known as ‘crepuscular’, meaning they are most active during the hours of dawn and dusk. So they will sleep the day away while you’re out and about, and will be ready for lots of love and attention when you get home!

4.  They are entertaining

Whoever said rabbits are boring have obviously never kept one of these delightful little animals for themselves! Bunnies all have funny and charming personalities and love nothing more than partaking in playtime and keeping you amused. Give them a towel and they will spend hours digging it up, smoothing it out, burrowing underneath and throwing it about. They will also throw themselves about, flip flopping all over the place, and bounding about with joy- so amusing and entertaining to watch!

Rabbits are adorable and easy to take care of and feed

5. They are easily content

As pleasant as a morning stroll with your dog might be, sometimes the 5am wake up call in the middle of a wet winter isn’t so pleasant. For those mornings, a bunny is your best friend, as they will delight in a sleep in and a snuggle more so than a run through the wet and cold park. Letting them hop about the house, in an outdoor hutch, or in the backyard (under your guidance), will give your bunny all the exercise it needs, however do feel free to purchase a bunny harness and take your floppy eared friend on a stroll around the streets- onlookers will love it! Live in a town house? No worries- rabbits don’t need lots of outdoor space to keep them happy and healthy unlike their canine companions, so they make the perfect pet for those people that live in the city, or don’t have ample space in their dwelling.

6. They are just so cute!

There is just no denying it- bunnies are adorable! All you have to do is type ‘bunny’ into Google images, and you will be greeted with page after page of adorable rabbit images- just try and stop yourself at page one! Big floppy ears, fuzzy little butts and twitchy little noses, there is no shortage in the cute stakes when it comes to bunnies!

If you do get a bunny- congratulations! However, if you are planning on keeping them part indoors and outdoors, be sure that they have a safe and secure outdoor enclosure to live in. The Hoppy Hotel, Wiggle Den and Rabbit Den are all made with rabbits’ health, happiness and safety in mind, and will be a fitting home for your floppy eared friend.

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