Chicken Breed of the Week - Rhode Island Red

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Last Updated: 22 November 2017

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Hello chicken keepers,

Thinking about adding a new chook to your flock? Or perhaps you are wondering which chicken breed is best for your new backyard flock? If you’re looking for a chicken breed that’s hardy, beautiful and lays like there’s no tomorrow then settle in chooks, I’ve got a sassy lady in red for you this week! Let’s have a peck at the hardy and brassy Rhode Island Red chook, affectionately known as “Rhodies”.

rhode island red chicken breed

The Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed

I can’t overstate how beautiful Rhode Island Red chickens are. With their rich auburn red plumage and their bold and bright yellow feet, they are a joy to watch as they politely potter about in the back garden. The breed was developed in Rhode Island (north east USA) in the late 1800s and became so popular that they’re now the Rhode Island state bird! Rhode Island Red chickens are available in bantam or regular chook size and possess a sweet and calm nature, perfect for families with small kids. They are also renowned for their hardiness, suitable for just about any climate conditions, from north Queensland to alpine Victoria. These ladies like to lay too, gifting their keeper with around 250 to 300 fresh backyard eggs every year.

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