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Last Updated: 29 November 2017

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Hello chicken keepers,

Keeping a few different chicken breeds is a fabulous way to eggs-plore all the wonderful aspects of chicken personalities. Each week I will shine the coop light on a different chook for us to coo over. Let’s have a cluck about the cotton ball of the chook world - the Silkie chicken breed!

A lot of hen huggers keep chickens for fresh egg production, but there are so many more reasons to keep a flock of delightful backyard birds. Chickens are great for your health AND your heart strings! A pet Silkie chook makes an egg-cellent and affectionate fluffy friend for everyone.  

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The Silkie Chicken Breed

Silkies are a quirky chicken breed originating from Asia that became popular with fowl fanciers of western society in the late 1800s. These fluffy hens have gossamer plumage that Marco Polo suggested looked more like a cat’s fur than feathers in his 13th century Asian travel diaries. The Silkie chicken is generally referred to as a bantam bird, but their diminutive size is common for their standard breed. American breeders have since developed a bantam version of the Silkie chicken breed, even more fluffy and squee inducing than their larger, traditional Silkie chook kin. With their gentle and affectionate nature, Silkie chickens make great pets for children and companion animals for the young at heart.

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Feathers Forever,

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