Mother Hen Tips - Predator Prevention

by Kassandra Smith March 10, 2017

the chook coop mother hen tips

Hello chicken keepers!

Keeping chooks isn’t all fun and games. As chicken keepers we’re responsible for the health and wellbeing of our feathery flocks. That includes serving them the right food, plenty of water, and giving them a comfy place to sleep, but it also means keeping them safe.

Unfortunately, there are predators in the wild that mean your chooks harm. But, if you’re careful, and prepared, you’ll turn those villains away at the door. A secure coop with wire mesh flooring is the best possible protection, but there are some egg-stra measures vigilant keepers can take. This weeks Mother Hen Tips has some unusual tips for thwarting the Terrible Three:

Easy! These tips will help, but don’t forget to take all the essential precautions of securing your coop, and your property. Do that, and both you and your girls can sleep in peace. Have a peck at our Ultimate Guide To Chicken Coop Predator Prevention here. 

For more cluckin' good tips on keeping foxes away click here. If snakes are a slithering issue, check this out. And do more to banish rats from the chicken coop with our guide here.

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Feathers Forever,

Kassandra x

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