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Last Updated: 19 February 2017

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Hello chicken keepers!

A little while ago we visited the chookies at the Logan Hyperdome Community Garden! The garden includes veggie patches, flower beds, gardening equipment and one of our fabulous Mansion Chicken Coops! Gardeners are welcome to use the facilities to grow produce for themselves and for the Hyperdome’s partnerships with community minded organisations like Oz Harvest!  

Check out our video of the garden and chickens here:

I love that more and more people are embracing a sustainable point of view when it comes to food production and gardening! And chicken keeping is a great way to get in touch with the environment and see the circle of life in action!  

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So what makes chickens the perfect gardening partner? Here’s our reasons:

  • Fertilizer as far as the eye can see!

Many people pay good money for bags of organic fertilizer (free from the chemicals often found in manufactured fertilizers), but when raising chickens for yourself, you can have a constant supply of it.  Feeding your girls an organic diet also ensures that your fertilizer will be free of any chemicals.

  • Compost companions!

The perfect recipe for compost is never complete without chicken manure.  If you want to get the most out of the fertilizing capability of your chickens waste, then add the hemp bedding from their coop, plus any bits of excess plant life you have lying around like grass clippings or fallen leaves.

  • An egg that hasn’t been around the block!

These days, raising chickens yourself is one of the only ways to ensure that no chemical, hormone or other nasty interferences have gone into the making of that egg!  In addition, raising chickens and producing your own eggs means that no money has gone into factory farming – where chickens are subjected to abhorrent conditions in order to meet the demand.

  • Minimize your waste!

If you’re left with piles of leftover food scraps and are hesitant about putting them in the bin, your feathered friends certainly have a better use for them.  Raising chickens on a scrap-rich diet ensures that they are getting lots of great nutrients.  Our customers are constantly laughing about their chickens anxiously waiting out the kitchen window for their daily scrap feast!

  • Beat those pesky pests!

Chickens have a voracious appetite for insects, and absolutely love to eat grasshoppers, slugs, snails and beetles – preventing the culprits from nibbling on your precious plants! Raising chickens on a bug and insect rich diet is extremely beneficial for them, and will even make your eggs taste better as a result.

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Feathers Forever,

Kassandra x