Rada's Chooks - Meet the Chicken Flock!

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 20 March 2017

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Hello chicken keepers!

A great part of our work at Backyard Chicken Coops is meeting the keepers and chooks that have joined our community and taken home one of our products. Last month we had a chat with Rada in Wilston, Queensland, to get feedback on our Taj Mahal Chicken Coop and get to know her hens. It makes us so happy to know that our chicken coops are being enjoyed by such lovely and diverse flocks.

Let’s meet her chickens!

Having a flock of mixed breeds of chickens is a great joy. Not only are they lovely to look at, they also provide insight into the different ways chickens socialise and interact in the pecking order. Check out our article on keeping different breeds of chickens together here.

rada chicken flock in backyard

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Feathers Forever,

Kassandra x