10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for a Chicken Dad!

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Last Updated: 08 August 2018

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Hello chicken keepers,

If you know a chicken dad, you know how devoted he is to his role. Why not spoil him this Father’s Day with a gift that will make him happy by making his flock happy? Have a peck at these Father's Day gift ideas sure to make his cluckin' day!

chicken coop sign fathers day gift ideas

1. Custom Coop Sign

Help make his chook house a home with a custom-made sign! With any lettering you choose up to 16 characters long, these hand-crafted timber signs can be made to suit your chicken dad’s unique personality. Also suitable for sheds, veggie gardens and pretty much any outdoor space you want to personalise.

fathers day gift idea chookfather shirt

2. Chicken T-shirt

Let him wear his chook-loving heart on his sleeve with a quirky t-shirt. But be warned, once he lays eyes on it he may never wear anything else again!

Poultry Greens Plant Types

3. Chook Grub Plant Pack

A gift that keeps on giving, this special seed mix is packed with essential nutrients which can be given straight to your chicken dad’s flock, or sown to provide them with a fresh leafy buffet! He’ll benefit too, from eggs packed with healthy goodness.

fathers day hemp bedding

4. Hemp Bedding

Essential for the more practical dad out there, a fresh bale of Hemp Bedding is the perfect no-fuss present. All dads love a nap, and they can rest easy knowing their girls are nesting in luxury. Totally organic, pest-repellent and long lasting, it will also ensure he spends more quality time with his chooks and less time replacing their bedding.

fathers day mealworms

5. Mealworm Treats

Think of how proud your chicken dad will feel when his flock comes running whenever he appears. Put a bag of mealworm treats in his hand and that’s exactly what will happen. These treats are a great way of keeping a flock happy and healthy, and even teaching them a trick or two!

fathers day essential accessories pack

6. Essential Accessories Pack

If your dad is a new chicken keeper or he has been using the same coop accessories for as long as you can remember, then the Essentials Pack is the present of choice for you! This egg-cellent bundle includes a treadle feeder, 140L of Hemp Bedding, a 60L Chook Feed Drum and a bag of Mealworm Treats.

fathers day book how to boil egg

7. How to Boil an Egg - by renowned English chef Rose Carrarini of Rose Bakery

Make him feel like the king of the kitchen with dozens of recipes which have delighted egg-lovers around the globe. From mastering the basics of cooking eggs, to recreating some of the most popular dishes served in Rose Bakery in locations like Paris, London and Tokyo, this book will become an instant favourite in any kitchen.

fathers day egg skelter

8. Egg Skelter

If he is to become a true egg master, your chicken dad will need an efficient way to store his weapons of choice! Even the most devoted father can lose track of which eggs are the newest, but this stylish kitchen accessory can clear up the confusion by holding up to 24 eggs in date order.

chicken using chicken swing

9. Chicken Swing

Any chook dad knows how clever his birds are, and that they need enrichment to be happy and healthy. A Chicken Swing is a cute and easy gift idea, providing hours of entertainment for both hen and human!

perfect gifts for chicken keeping dads

10. A Father's Day Chicken Coop Package

If you know an expectant chicken dad, or one that wants to upgrade his hen house, our Father’s Day coop packages are exactly what he needs. With a package to suit every family budget, backyard size and level of chicken keeper, this is the ultimate way to spoil your Dad.

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Feathers Forever,

Kassandra X