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Last Updated: 21 July 2020

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Hello future and current chicken keepers ;)

I love to help new chicken keepers get cluckin’! It’s one of the coolest things about being Mother Hen here at Backyard Chicken Coops and it’s great to see a new keeper get to know and love chooks as much as we do. In my humble and slightly biased opinion, chooks really are the best choice of pet for families, kids, singles, couples, flatmates, community centres, retirement homes and schools!  

For a lot of new chook keepers, it can be daunting to start the chicken keeping adventure. I’m frequently asked questions like ‘How do I get started with backyard chickens? Which chicken coop is best for me and my chickens? What tools and accessories do I need to keep chickens? What do pet chickens eat? Which chicken breeds are the best choice for my family? How do I keep my chickens healthy? How do I keep my chickens happy?’.

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Never fear, new chicken keepers! Let’s have a peck at the best beginner guides from our Learning Centre and The Chook Coop Blog and get those questions answered!

  • What do I need to get started with backyard chickens?
“Keeping chickens can be a nerve racking experience, especially if you’ve never done it before – but it really is quite easy, so long as you have all the equipment, know what to expect and aren’t afraid to get up close and personal with these delightful feathered friends.” - A Complete Beginner's Guide to Keeping Chickens
  • Which chicken coop is best for me and my chickens?
“A chook keeper’s life is easy and fun with the right chicken coop features, accessories and extras.” - Choosing The Perfect Chicken Coop
  • What tools and accessories do I need to keep chickens?
“Keeping chickens is a flap-happy experience. Why? Well, thankfully, chickens need little care and maintenance. So, you have a LOT of free happy-go-clucky time to cluck the day away with your chooks! But, what kind of supplies and tools do you need? Let’s mimic a chook’s curiosity, and take a peck.” - Essential Tools For Keeping Chickens
  • What do pet chickens eat?
“...when it comes to my flock’s nutritional needs only the most natural chicken feed, useful dietary supplements and healthy chook treats will do!” - Chicken Feed - What Chooks Like to Chomp! 
boy feeding pet chicken in backyard
  • Which chicken breeds are the best choice for my family?
“From the popular to the rare, we have the inside scoop on all the chicken breeds that will make your flock the envy of all the neighbourhood chook coops!” - The Top 20 Chicken Breeds For Your Backyard Coop
  • How do I keep my chickens healthy?
“It doesn’t take much to keep a flock of chickens clucking, but there are some tools and tricks which are fundamental for keeping your backyard chooks well fed and well loved. Let’s take a peck at the essentials for keeping your pet chickens happy and healthy.” - The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Happy and Healthy Backyard Chickens
  • How do I keep my chickens happy?
“While chickens are quite creative when it comes to keeping themselves entertained… when the days are shorter and there aren’t as many exciting bugs, weeds and grasses to peck at, chickens can become bored. And bored chickens are definitely not happy chickens.” - The Best Boredom Busters to Keep Your Chickens Busy

Do you have a chooky question not answered here? Ask an eggs-pert right here!

Choosing the perfect breed for your family is an eggstremely difficult task. Before making that important decision, take a moment to consider all the other awesome breeds you could choose! From looks to traits to egg-laying talents - where should you begin?

Cluckily, our friends over at Chickenpedia have created an amazing Chicken Breeds Course. This extensive online course shares helpful guidance on choosing the top chickens for you as well as size & frequency of eggs laid. You will even learn about their distinct personalities, and be able to use their family-friendly compatibility scale through this well-structured program. It really is a great way to discover your perfect backyard buddies which is why I highly recommend them to all of my readers!  The courses are beginner-friendly and filled with essential information to help you raise a happy, healthy flock.

We all want to do an eggcellent job when caring for our feathered friends. Many keepers struggle to handle chicken health or behaviour issues, especially in the first few years of having a flock. Chickenpedia have a broad range of comprehensive online courses that cover everything you didn’t know you need to know and then some more! From healthcare to raising baby chicks to feeding and behavior, get the knowledge and confidence to successfully look after your flock. 

As a member, you will get access to ALL their fantastic courses. So, no need to wing it, become a confident chicken keeper. Click here to check out Chickenpedia today!

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Feathers Forever,

Kassandra X