Mother's Day Gift Ideas For a Chicken Keeping Mum!

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Last Updated: 02 May 2018

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Hello chicken keepers,

As a devoted chook mum, I believe that my fellow Mother Hens deserve the best this Mother's Day. Not an eggs-pert? Don't panic! Spoiling the chicken keeper in your life is a breeze when you get them something to indulge their love of everything backyard chooks. Have a peck at our gift ideas for any hen hugging human, present or future!

1. Egg Collecting Apron

Our new Egg Collecting Apron is a MUST HAVE for the chicken lady in your life. This apron is super stylish and functional too, with plenty of space to put those farm fresh eggs! Mum will be the envy of all the chicken ladies sporting this around the home!

woman wearing egg collecting chicken print apron

2. Limited Edition Chicken Print Apron

Does your Mum like the finer things in life? Well she will just LOVE this apron! It comes in both black and orange so she really is spoilt for choice! Perfect for the garden, kitchen, or well – everyday use!

woman in garden wearing chicken print apron

3. Gumboots 

Keep your tootsies clean and dry, doesn’t mean a fashion faux pas. These American made, trendy wellies are the PERFECT gift for the crazy chicken lady in your life.  Tending to the chickens has never been more fashionable and comfortable with our sloggers chicken wellies! Trust us, Mum will love these so much she’ll be wearing them to the shops!

yellow chicken print gumboots and slides

4. Hemp Bedding 

Every chicken lady knows that hemp is the only way to go when only the best will do. Providing chickens with more comfort than anything else on the market, it also cuts coop cleaning down by a third. Pair it with some of our lavender, and she will be swooning!

silkie chicken in nesting box with hemp bedding

5. A Grad Dried Lavender Flowers 

There is nothing that smells quite as lovely as lavender, so excite Mum’s senses with this sensational herb! We suggest pairing our lavender with our hemp bedding to put throughout the chicken coop, especially their nesting boxes to keep the coop smelling fresh and create a calm environment for your flock! Both your Mum and her chickens will thank you for it.

pack of dried lavender to keep chicken coop fresh

6.  Chicken Treats - Meal Worms

Would Mum get a kick out of seeing her chickens jumping and jiving?! With our mealworms she sure will! As soon as these babies are cracked open, her chookies will go wild! A couple bags of these for Mum will go down an absolute treat!

healthy mealworm treats for chickens

8. Treadle Feeder & Drinker 

Our treadle feeder is the ULTIMATE gift for your chicken loving Mum! She can say goodbye to feeding other birds and wildlife, and keep her flocks food nice and dry; ultimately reducing food wastage by up to 75%. We promise you will be in the good books with this gift!

automatic chicken treadle feeder and drinker

9. Cluck House Chicken Coop on Wheels 

Does your Mum have some little bantams in her life and looking for a super sweet little coop they can call home? Our Cluck House will keep 2-3 bantams nice and cozy, and its wheels means you can move them around the yard as needed. It has a spacious nesting area, so expect eggs benedict and cakes galore!

small chicken coop cluck house for baby chickens or bantam

10. Beginners Pack

Does Mum need a little nudge to get those chickens she has always wanted? Our Beginners Pack will be the ultimate hint! It includes two storage drums, a feeder, hemp bedding, mealworm treats, feed and 2 feed scoops – so everything she could possibly need to get those cute fluffy butts! Perhaps for her birthday you can get the coop?

beginner pack for keeping chickens

11. Starter Kit

Is your Mum getting started on her chicken keeping adventure? Our starter kit will be the perfect gift for her! It has all the bits and bobs she will need to keep her new fluffy butt friends happy and healthy and kit her coop out to the nines!

starter pack for keeping chickens

12. Storage Drums

If your Mum is one for practical gifts, she will love our storage drum.  It is designed with a UV stabilised food-grade plastic, to keep pests and water out. It comes in two handy sizes – one for feed and the other for bedding, so she will be set for her chicken keeping adventure!

60 litre storage drum for chicken feed or bedding

13. Automatic Door Opener 

There is certainly a nip in the air as we come into winter, so sleep ins are most welcome these days. As all chicken keepers will know, there is no sleeping in past suns up! Luckily our auto door will allow Mum to set our auto door to open nice and early, so the chickens can go about their business, while Mum snoozes – what a treat!

automatic chicken coop door opener with timer

14. Egg Skelter 

Your mumma can keep all her scrummy bum nuts in a row with a pretty blue Egg Skelter! This handy and stylish egg organiser holds 24 eggs in date order so your mum will never have to guess which egg was laid first when she whips up her next culinary eggs-travaganza.

mothers day gift idea egg skelter

 15. Mealworm Treats

Trust me, nothing says "I love you, Mum!" like a bag of dried mealworms! No, really! All hen loving ladies know that Mealworm Treats are an essential part of making sure your chooks are happy, healthy and ready to follow you wherever you need them to go.

mothers day gift idea mealworms


16. Essential Chicken Coop Accessories Pack

If your mum is a new chicken keeper or she has been using the same coop accessories for as long as you can remember, then the Essentials Pack is the present of choice for you! This egg-cellent bundle includes a treadle feeder, 140L of Hemp Bedding, a 60L Chook Feed Drum and a bag of Mealworm Treats.

mothers day gift ideas

17. A Chicken Coop Package

Our Mother Hens do so much for us! So make it a Mother's Day to remember and treat her to a new coop package. Our Mother's Day sale has a chicken coop package to suit every family budget, every backyard size and every level of chicken keeper. Get the whole family involved and give the gift of chicken keeping to the Mum who has done everything for you and her extended brood.

18. A Chicken Swing

Keep your Mum and her hens happy with this cute and easy gift idea. Chooks are clever birds and require enrichment to be healthy and happy in their coop and run. A Chicken Swing is the cutest way for poultry to play!

 silkie chicken on a swing in coop

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Feathers Forever,

Kassandra X