Perfect Spring Treats for Pet Chickens

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Last Updated: 17 July 2020

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Hello chicken keepers!

Spring is the perfect time to get our pet chickens back in the swing of laying after their winter break. You can help your hens feel happy, healthy and ready to be the best bum nut layers they can be with some fun and easy spring chicken treats!  

scrambled eggs chicken treats

Gritty Eggs

Your hens need calcium and protein to be happy and healthy AND produce strong and nutritious eggs. Help a sister out by serving up a hearty breakfast of Gritty Eggs. Scramble up some bum nuts, add a dash of shell grit - or the crushed up shells from the eggs - and garnish with fresh herbs like parsley, rosemary or sage.

frozen berry ice chicken treats

Berry Pops

As the weather warms up your ladies will appreciate a refreshing treat to cool their beaks and excite their bird brains. Create some Berry Pops by sprinkling some strawberries, blueberries or raspberries and a handful of chopped herbs into a small plastic container of water and freeze overnight. Your girls will love pecking at the ice to get to the goodies.

vegetable scraps leafy greens chicken treats

Spring Chicken Salad

Don’t worry, I’m not at all condoning chickens eating chicken here. Make a simple spring salad for your girls from leftover vegetable scraps and leafy greens. Almost any vegetable will do - here’s a list of greens your chookies will love - but I like to make it spring special with a crunchy topper of crushed dried Mealworm Treats, perfect for boosting your hens protein intake!

Now you know some of the best seasonal treats for your flock! To keep your ladies healthy, keepers need the best knowledge when preparing nutritious meals. Many health issues experienced by our girls are due to an imbalanced diet. You might find yourself asking: what to feed, when to feed, how to feed, and why?! 

Cluckily, there is no need to be overwhelmed by all the options because our friends at Chickenpedia can help you find out what’s best for your flock at all ages. This is why I recommend their Feeding Pecking Chickens Course to all my readers. Through their course, unearth nutrient rich foods to help your chickens stay healthy, live longer, and produce the best eggs. Keep those yolks nice and yellow! The course shares advice and information on the best food for your flock as well as quantity control, storage, and timing for feeds.

Feeding time is also a great one for entertainment and this course provides bonus content filled with DIY boredom busters, toys, and treats for your flock. Become an eggspert and gain the confidence needed to choose the right chicken feed and know which ones to avoid.

Be sure to visit Chickenpedia today to check out ALL of their amazing courses. 

If you’re after some more springtime chick-inspiration, have a little peck at my Spring Chicken Checklist and Spring Chicken Planting Guide!

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Feathers Forever,

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